The Agenda Magazine: A Flavor of Beijing: THE drive-thru

So the THE drive-thru was my first attempt to steer away from the college bar scene into a much classier establishment. A venue of my design with my passion, studies, and hobbies wrapped into one.  An attempt at an upscale educational venue, hangout, slash storefront. A place to provide not only quality but educate people about quality craft beer, great herbs & spices, and also builds and maintain bicycles. This venue was my favorite.

But the expact community is way immature no matter the age, their ideas of “rules don’t apply to me in foreign countries” killed the concept in less than 2 years and force the change into a regression of my success. No matter how it got mentioned, thank you BOYCE, thank you Chad. I was fucked by the very idea of “needing a place to socialize till I puked” making a TROUBLE BAR. All that and more to come when you read about THE drive-thru.

And as for my Chinese business partner. ha, dumb as a brick!

 Thanks, Beijing Expact Community.

Agenda magazine was a The Beijinger sister company. I hated this magazine company with a passion for we had beef (cock meat sandwiches) that ran back to THE brick bar beginning, but it’s the only expact related material that gets citywide coverage.   This spin-off mini mag didn’t get too far, but we are happy they took the time to do an interview/write up for I liked the dude behind the scenes of Agenda, Mike. He would drop by from time to time and catch me on my worst days for photos.

With that all being said, now don’t get me wrong; There are exceptions.


Here’s what they had to say. (unedited)

Turn to page 24-25.



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