Global Times: Boyce is spoiled for choice at a new nightspot


Aaaah, the good ol days of Beijing. The voice of the Beijing nightlife

Beijing Boyce 

“Consumer views of Beijing’s bar and restaurant scene since 2006.”


his honorable mention of THE drive-thru in Global Times which was published: 2011-12-1 21:20:05

Thanks Boyce for all the positive mentions.

 To read what Boyce has to say, click here: THE drive-thru

Of all the blogger, reviews, & writer that have come & gone in my Beijing Bar life, Boyce was the coolest. A native of Canada, he has been on and in the scene for some time. So there has, is, and will always be Boyce with review and write up that purifies the filthy unfiltered heavily polluted shit reviews and write up of others in that forsaken city. This guy has a passion for what he does and his verbiage rings true. He doesn’t toy around only with the preservation of his websites, he’s all over the board in English oriented media from China.

There would be days when he would come in and bring a crowd like pictured below. Then there were days where I understand that all of Beijing pushy F&B industry folks were being a bummer. But all the times that we have shared from the days of  THE brick bar till the end of TROUBLE BAR, Boyce kept it clean, professional, and to his taste!. One of the few great foreigner guys one can be around in Beijing. Oh, and bring your professional self to the bar table. Only seasoned veterans can hang with this man.!

With that all being said, now don’t get me wrong. There are exceptions.


Here’s what they had to say. (unedited)

Boyce is spoiled for choice at a new nightspot

Source: Global Times Published: 2011-12-1 21:20:05

One of Beijing’s most promising spaces is set to reopen as Vics Lounge takes over former Klubb Rouge in the China View complex in Workers’ Stadium East. With a central location, new decor and 27th floor views of the stadium and Sanlitun, Vics should prove to be among the year’s more interesting lounge acts. Patrons will find dim lighting and a subdued but modern interior on its main floor, and a flashier environment in the private room upstairs. As for the menu, don’t expect the whiskey and tea focus found at nearby Vics Club and other Worker’s Stadium nightlife spots. Instead, choose from about a dozen beer options, such as Liefmann’s, Newcastle and Chti at 50 yuan ($8), whiskey choices like 10-year-old Talisker at 60 yuan, and a range of Champagnes, wines and cocktails. The tentative opening date is December 16.
Room Beijing and writer Jeremy Oliver will host a dinner in the Yintai Center for the launch of the Chinese-language edition of Oliver’s 2012 Australian Wine Annual. Chef Brian McKenna will create the menu, while Oliver introduces wines from operations such as Yarrabank, Mount Langi, Tyrell, Yering Station, Henschke, Vasse Felix and Noble One. The five-course meal is 888 yuan per person. On Saturday, Oliver will be at Pudao Wines in The Office Park for a free tasting of eight Australia wines from 3 pm to 5 pm. Speaking of Pudao Wines, this place recently changed over the 20 wines in its preservation machines, making it worth a visit.
In what seems an ideal bar and beer match, Bang! Bang! in Shuangjing is now serving Dead Guy draft. Kro’s Nest on Xiao Yun Lu also recently added this beer to its lineup: a pint is 55 yuan, although patrons who visit during happy hour can buy two and get one free. Meanwhile longstanding Irish bar Paddy O’Shea’s will celebrate its fourth birthday on December 9.
Ryan Johnston, known to Beijing bar goers for starting The Brick in Shuangjing, says he has a new project in the works: a shop called The Drive-Thru. It will include imported wine, beer and the likes for take away or delivery, with the product range covering everything from spices to scarves. The Drive-Thru should open just after the New Year. And Alsace restaurant Tonton & Tata has closed in the B1 level of Sanlitun Soho, with plans to reopen in Sanlitun North, although a source says the venue is yet to be decided.
Finally the world’s sharks received an early gift as Hong Kong and Shanghai hotels announced that the Peninsula chain will stop serving shark fin as of January 1, except for events previously booked. On the note of sharks, Yao Ming, known for his opposition to shark fin soup, visited Beijing this week to promote his new wine. Expect writers to describe it as having “smooth finish” and a “strong attack,” though the price is no joke – a bottle is nearly 2000 yuan.



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