While doing the drive with the wife and family from Denver to Vegas early April 2016. We like using Atlas Obscura to seek out new places to visit that are not normally on the tourist route. We usually have great results running into the oddity that is still remaining like this one of a kind home.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere between Colorado and maybe Utah. We found ourselves drawn to alternative homes designs. That’s what the future is all about, isn’t it? Your rightful place on this godforsaken green planet to call your own kingdom!!? eh?

Well, they are everywhere amongst the US. So many cool “semi off the normal” shell of living!  Not that same old square designs that the mass call protection that eclipse over the landscape. But this nifty large home,

Hole N” The Rock

was a great place of wonder and interesting inspiration. Plus!!!!  I got to see Big Foot we all treated ourselves to ice cream! yeah!.




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