Ganges River: Varanasi India: 01/10/2011


I got a break from working THE brick bar, so a great friend of mine and I took out for

Nepal & India

for a month-long journey that made Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas look like grandma’s cherry pie. It was a trip that could never be repeated, there is no going back for a second run no matter how much I enjoy living the dream.

It can never repeat itself, never ever no matter how hard I want to believe each and every bus ride that I take in the world could equal too being atop, on the outside for hours. Yes! Sitting on top of the bus in India is part of my bucket list. For what seems like hours on end. Visiting all the places in the dirt, and fighting all the cows.


“I don’t even give a shit!”

Only eating mimosa, drinking only India chia and tossing up a few Thum Up Cola.

Thank you Coco-Cola company! 

Incredible India advertises for days how awesome it is with an added bonus! One doesn’t get filthy dirty from watching it on the telly.  Though during ones stay in this lovely country, one can watch foreigners working hard to hook up with the Japanese girls, which probably will lead to midnight hitchhiking, which probably will lead to excessive drug use, and which will probably conclude fighting with the god damn cows!.


We made it to Varanasi for a few nights.  I believe we came indirectly from the Nepal border, which was an adventure in itself. Crossing the boarder illegally… At first! (upcoming story)  Varanasi is this towering city riding along the banks of the Ganges River is where one can see everything!

Trash, dead bodies, shamans, tourist, people swimming, animals bathing… all. the. same. time.

Color is present everywhere one looks!

So much in this country.  So much.  There is nothing in this world like India. Minus the uncontrolled trash problem and the massive amount of humans, which is like any other place on this mudball.

It’s truly a heavenly place.

  This is “some stuff” that we gathered on the road between stops while searching for other stuff.

Keep in mind, alcohol was the hardest “drug” to find throughout India unless one is deep in the designated tourist area. Though like being downtown Lousiville, KY, there is always that one home, or that one person who comes to the rescue!



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