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  As we all are aware of by now.

Honey bees are in trouble. Populations of one of our most important pollinator have been declining for years and nobody knows why. Technically, it’s Americans own “Bumblebee” that’s in trouble. Since honey bees were never native to these great lands until the British settlers introduction back in the day.

So go ponder on that one for awhile.

Many crops that we take for granted would be difficult or impossible to grow without “Bumblebees”.fullsizeoutput_f4d

Want to know an easy way to help the honey bee and improve your smart yard garden at the same time? Raise Italian, Mason, or Carniolan bees. One doesn’t necessarily have to “work them” in order to enjoy the benefits. Simply just have a box of bees on your property for a healthier lifestyle

If the image of the beekeeper working in a protective suit turns you off, that’s just fine. Various types of mentioned bees are very gentle and the males don’t even have stingers. You can bring a verity of bees into your smart yard garden, homeland without fear.

fullsizeoutput_f4cMaking a home for Italian, Mason, & Carniolan bees is a bit like putting up a birdhouse. You don’t need special equipment or protective gear, and you can mostly ignore it during the year.

One Italian, Mason, or Carniolan bee can do the work of 100 times faster and stronger than standard Bumblebees. Raising farmed bees may take some pressure off the local BumbleBee population and helps to keep a variety of other pollinators healthy and growing.

Contact: Brushy Mountain Bee Farm,

For more information on how you can get started on beekeeping;  visit our friends at

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm.

They originate out of Asheville, NC. They are connected, so they can get you bees & supplies on the west coast as well.

Google search to find out what bee supplier is in your area

We are working diligently to bring you our Bee Keeping supplies and essentials Check back again soon for updates on products and Queens.



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