Busy P @ Tango: Beijing, China: January 28, 2010

It just so happened that the man behind the scenes of superior acts such as Daft Punk and the sorts came to Beijing, China and performed a bouncing 1-hour DJ set with all the beats that we are all familiar with.

Can you fucken believe it.!?  Busy P from Ed Banger Records took the time out of his superstar lifestyle to come to Star Live!

  Sadly, during these times. iPhones were scares, so photos of this event are lacking.

Though there are a few photos listed on P1CN, a Chinese social media platform/magazine, of me wearing this shirt,

THE brick bar,

in the action of getting it signed by Busy P, and Merci!

“If anyone can find it! Will give you a dollar! Holler!”fullsizeoutput_ef3

Seriously a great night.  Back in my younger days when I could still dance the night away without the help of beer! Slapping some ass with no strings attached, and happy to wake up the next day in one’s own bed alone!

Here is a teaser I found on YOUTUBE that someone had the courage to upload from that night! China, always ahead of the game when it comes to techno-logy!




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