GHOST B.C. @ Florida Theatre: Jacksonville, FL: 11/04/2016

What a performance!  Like a well-oiled machine. Everyone knew their place on stage as it should be.


GHOST B.C. is new to me in the rock & roll scene that I follow. Which I like to tell folks who ask me my style, my genera of music is

“Good music!”  

Let’s face it, people. Overpopulations and a push to accompany the majority have spun all gifted talented individuals of entertainment & art forms into an industrial manufacturing line of ONE HIT WONDERS and it’s difficult to find a style, tone, music that is actually appealing to my (sensitive –you pussy-) ears. No more of the badasses we all know by their names as “KINGS” rock & roll, Elvis, Ozzy, Danzig, you can name the rest…

Now everything gets placed into intricate detailed little sub-subcategories with horrible made up titles in which I have to pretend like “it’s cool” that I just now discovered it.

So fuck it.



Ghost B.C.! They’re rehearsed, repeatedly steady vocalized songs, despite the reminders from the lead that his voice was not up to pair.  End of the tour I suppose. A voice vacation was probably in need. He was Brilliant!!  Still powered on to a crowd that mostly made up of middle-aged folks, even with kids.  eh!  A few youngster jokers, and onlookers for HAIL SATAN, but mostly your motorbike loven, nice figured wife on hand, 35-50-year-old workers made up most of the audiences.  Interesting I thought, for the last visit to a show in Florida was made up of a bunch of crowd surfing fucktards, white thick hoochie mommas with bad haircuts, and gun cappin gangster. All which I have had the pleasure of square dancing in tight spaces at shows, and showing my teeth.

Aesop Rock @ Revolution Live: Ft. Lauderdale, FL: July 6, 2016

Hate it when someone dances their gun into the gyrating hip of another. Classic!

Wait… was that a fat girl.!?”


If you can find the time to go see Satan live in action, go to a GHOST B.C. performance. !  You will feel better about yourself that you did!


Catch the 1 minute of HAIL SATAN to I recorded. It sucks!




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