Marylin Manson @ Chicago Open Air: Chicago Ill: 06/17/ 2016

Marylin Manson @ Chicago Open Air: Chicago Ill: 06/17/


2016 Chicago Open Air

Metal Festival !!!!

We’ve been traveling around all summer. Finishing up our MPT schooling in Florida leading to drinking beers at River Side Bottle Shop, which then lead to getting really drunk, which lead to buying two 800.$ VIP tickets to the 3-day festival because we only wanted to see Rammstein.  HA!  Great Party the 2 of us had. The magic of stouts and porters from our favorite breweries.  All available at River Side!  Best damn bottle shop in all of Florida!!!

We ended up with some family issues, so lucky were about to sell out VIP tickets at a slight loss, and purchase SUNDAY ticket. We were on our way back to Beijing, China the following days…  Chicago was destiny. !  Great city.!  Super clean in the area we were at most of the time.

Sunday host a verity of bands that were to say…. middle for our taste these days.  Which Chicago Open Air Festival had a great line-up of old and new metal bands, but they didn’t save the best for last.  June 17, 2016. Marylin Manson did a performance on the main stage and it was purely MM.

The performance was typical. Everyone came out on stage drunken or drugged all dressed up in their customs only moments later tear them off. For MM, ones could differently witness and feel that he was tired of the same old same old shit he has been on repeat for the last 15 years. But the big group of crowd surfing fucktards near the stage and the bowl didn’t even care!.

‘ ye ol bastard!’

He blew a wonderful snot rocket and I rejoiced! The end is near.

“What would make his career a  success is that if he became a real performer and blew himself away on stage!” -Brick O’Neal

But, that’s just my thought about MM nowadays.




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