Corrosion Of Conformity @ Chicago Open Air: Chicago Ill: June 17, 2016


Went to the Chicago Open Air Festival at Toyota Field which had a great line-up of old and new metal bands, and on June 17, 2016,  Corrosion Of Conformity did a rocking performance on the second outside stage. And for an old schooler like me…


Getting to see these guys do it live was on my must-see concert bucket list.  I missed the chance to see them perform when COC rolled through Denver, CO with Motörhead some ten years earlier.  Sadly, even though I’m sure the band was happy, only thirty minutes was performed which rocked harder than the BABY METAL performance that came later in the day.

COC did it well for they knew what us old timers in the crowd wanted.  Songs from Deliverance. !  Extended versions.  For me, then and only then did I feel this was a worthwhile ticket purchase! Will I do Chicago Open Air Festival again… Probably not!  Too much cannabis in the air for this none smoke at the time.

 The best part of their set was that there were NO fucktards crowd surfers falling on top of me while I am was enjoy my time allowing me to hold my expensive beer cup without spilling a drop or worried what might fall in!


Yeah, you may tell me: “Don’t stay in the kitchen if you can’t stand the heat!”


my answer to that is: “I will straight punch ANYONE in the groin if your body is above my head at any given time throughout my life!”

Get a fucken life!  I am not one who wants anyone above me, forced to touch their sweaty stinky overweight bodies.  The ladies are the worst! Jez! I just want to enjoy the show like everyone else that has an expensive beer in hand.  Where is my fucken right.!? Eh.!? Doesn’t matter if one wants to move towards or away from the stage!

And I Love it!

Then the fucktard is grabbed by security, the screaming, and yelling stopped only to be told to go to the back , the long way, to the end of the pit with all the other fucktards end up.


I am so happy that the black security folks didn’t give a fuck about VIP area as we managed to just walk right by to secure a shitty view of the stage. Hey, at least no one was puking or surfing in that area.

Catch the song that got me hooked!

Corrosion Of Conformity – Clean My Wounds




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