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It all started in the early morning hours of a sunny Sunday. After a nice sleepover/morning breakfast party with my female entourage, we set out on the adventure. Happy that someone had a car for all of us to pile into. Given folks like us the ability to pile in a car to “hang-out” in instead of taking the underground or bus.

Time to just wait in the long traffic cue and chill!

Smoke, and soak in the smog-filled sunbeams. The destination was China Central Academy of Fine Arts, which is located in Wangjing Beijing, China. A plan suggested by one of the entourage earlier in the week, which gave me time to prepare for a party!

Coming to find out once we arrive at the location attending was Central Academy of Fine Arts Graduation Project Exhibition.  Some of their top students were given the opportunity to showcase their creations for elaboration, exposure, and god.. who knows.!  Got to love these college art expose!  Way to catch the hot upcoming talent before they are subject to years of mainstream abuse.

To my surprise, I had several friends with art at this exhibition. 

A bit of credit for my eye of art.  I don’t want to get into too much detail exhaling the liner lines VS shadows and such n such way with my limited vocabulary and genres to creditably partake in 2016 art politically correct scene debate here. 

Just know that being an artist myself, I have always been in the community of various artist during my worldly travels. Though it wasn’t until 2006 with the help of my dear friends

Robert & Michelle Casarietti of Casarietti Studio

that my world, my eye for art, personal to commercial, expanded.  What is art? What is shit? Is it vulgar just enough, or is there a story! Creative, independent, or a carry on of others fantasy.

There is always more to it than meets the eye.

To see more of 李三岁 art, her styles, and path. Check out her portfolio.

As I was being pulled around the university by the hand that day feeling like a well-trained puppy dog on a lease…  It took some navigating of several large campus buildings, rounding sharp corners jammed packed with students and visitors alike that it accrued to me that I was in need of a smoke break.  It was then, once I was able to separate myself from the herd, that I came across the lines, angles, and shades that I repeatedly scan for in such an over-exposed so-called “ART” environment.   Too much junk or coloring book pages most of the time. Got to keep focus and scan the rooms till it hits me…. and it did…

Like a Brick!

I stopped! I gave undivided attention to each piece, each line, each stroke. Plus I never seen such concepts merge together.  I mean there are plenty of robotic fish of the sea drawings scattered about here and there.  But nothing put together so submerged! Ancient structures tied into underwater fantasy islands creations with futuristic robotic hints for charm.

I am inspired!


Not just scribble on the wall but a complete set up with dolls and a short film!!

MUST SEE short film.

This short film as kept me at aaahhhh…!


There is so much…!

This is way over my head!

Some of the first thought that ran through my mind with this art was comparing them to the likes of

Adam Jones and the Quay Brothers.

Who has created some of the wildest stop motion scenes with some of the most creative dolls with matching scenery. That feeling rushing back into my body again. As when I first saw

Adam Jones SOBER or Quay Brothers Tell of the Brothers Quay production.

I was lost in the maze of dolls, charcoals, and imagination.

Damn. Was there a story to this? Who’s in charge here? Where’s the artist of this booth?

I panned around intensively wondering who this belongs to when at that time this “walking work of art” came into my focus.  The outfit from the illustrations I was just gaping over. At first, I was confused, but just briefly. A gave a smile and I fell even deeper into the entire TOOL meets YELLOW SUBMARINE meets DORTH from WIZARD OF OZ well stitched together persona and I could touch it!

A true artist has to be ‘one‘ with her work, and that’s when it all came together. That’s when I met 李三岁.

I was mad, I was crazed, I was in love with the contour of her art. After 8 years of traveling to numerous cheap to multi-million dollar events, functions, venues that have been described as ‘ART SHOWS‘ with “free flow wine and cheese”. It took that day for me to find what I have been looking for is amongst young Chinese artist.

A very well thought, planned, executed work of illustrated art that she was projecting.

To see more of 李三岁 art, her styles, and path. Check out her portfolio.

It wasn’t long till I wanted the short film!  I want to have it in my collections. I did some digging and through some connections of a connections connection, I manage to set up a meeting where I could donate some fund, plus be able to host a bit of a visual art gallery at Trouble Bar in Sanlitun, SOHO.  Teaming up with event organizers Someet to spread the word, I was very joyful to have 李三岁, her friends, visitors, customers sharing not only her art, style, and films, but her details and step of her artistic path.

Summarizing up these works of art. Turns out that all this is on cue to be published here in America!  Can’t wait! So let me say this.

I don’t own the rights to the video or her art being displayed on my behalf!

I am happy that my lovely friend as 李三岁 who has given me the opportunity to host her art in a verity of ways that not only help promote myself, for the Brick Hive Art project which also helps to create paths leading to various artist of this kind.

The life and love of art!

Thank you 李三岁.

In conclusion, I love art, all forms of it! Though it seems that I lean more to the pencil on canvas or paper. So when I see what I like, what I feel. I will do my best to support it. I am thankful to all the folks I have met over the years in my art admiring life and I wish all the success they want to achieve with their abilities.


When putting this piece together, I shot out some questions for 李三岁, the standard rhetoric,  I did manage to get out a decent question with question #4. -” What brought you to display your talent.?”

Her response:

Metropolis of the Faceless

In the present era, there is a two-fold predicament of spiritual life, some parts imprisoned and others drowned in a boundless sea consisted of irrelevant information. I have created a kingdom under the sea, paper book transforming scum floating on the sea. Meanwhile, executor took away music, the gun people have, permanently removing culture to vanish and refining them as an endless circle of entertainment. When citizens are obliged to wear masks in order to separate themselves from each other by the law, the pioneers light the torch passing it through a storm of music.

Ones can follow 李三岁 @sansuilee on Instagram.

See more of 李三岁 art, her styles, and path. Check out her portfolio.



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