Ming Tomb: Beijing, China: 4/13/2008

Ming Tomb: Beijing, China: 4/13/2008


Part of the many many many bus tour guide package available for the off the boat tourist.

Our first stop off was at Ming Tomb during or after a little trip to Badaling Great Wall.

This was impressive to view! The idea to have your followers build one a big ass grave site a TOMB to help those in the future to remember that ONCE! There was a great person on this planet that gave each and every one of you something to do! Though some of us lesser valued people will never have a chance to own a Tomb with  The Cost of Dying these days, so we have to let the world know in other means how great we are before we die. Makes me want to smash a few skulls together to before I even begin to think how humans have trapped themselves in such a fake ass way of a life, for now, it can cost a minimum of $10,000.USD just to escape happily and peacefully.

AAAAH the days of dying before capitalism gave birth sound so good to me.

Once one has seen one temple, tomb, or wall in China, one has seen them all!.

It seems that when they decided to rebuild, create, elaborate temples to fuel tourism in throughout China; they only seemed to mass produced only 5 colors.

Red, green, yellow, gold and blue is all I see between you and me!

All the same big, fat Buddha men dancing, all the same, burning incense around some structure, all the same bell or bells being rung by the tourist. The only thing different about each sits were the writings on the plaque which explain that there was a ‘temple here or around here or the next town over, but at one time there was a temple of the likes and it got burned down by some soldiers and Sooooooo the temple that is behind this sign TODAY is what the temple looked like back in the day.’


It’s all the same, filled to the brim with Chinese tourist. And I wonder if they can tell the difference?

True story! Since we know so much!



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