The Venus Project

The Venus Project


As we build at Brick Consulting LLC, we gave our word to expand the ideas of our B.H.A. projects. Keep limits to minimal. Keep it fresh. Keep upgrading. Building trust and demand is challenging. Never the less we made a commitment, and we intend to follow through with it!

Giving back is always been in discussion. When, where, what, who, and how much has always been an issue when breaking the ground. Time presents itself and pathways are swept clear.

We personally take the time to Make America Great Again!

 So we decided to set aside a percentage of each purchase of B.H.A. merchandise that is purchased at the 

Brick Hive Art Shop,

for donating to the charity of the artist Choice. If there is no charity, then we at Brick Consulting LLC appoint one.

Ideas are gathered, limits sets, and out the door with the storyboards to campaign for a fun clean future begins.

Here’s to giving back!

Shown below is an example of a receipt of the donated transaction. Though we are not going to list each and every transaction publicly. The public is welcome to contact us for details.


Please keep in mind that we are a small operation. Donations to the selected organization are based on sales of B.H.A. merchandise as well as out of OUR pocket.


Show your support.

Donations can be made directly: The Venus Project

Donations made on artist behalf:

史柘 Sharon



If you are an artist,  charity of good nature, please contact us. The future is boundless. 



Check out the B.H.A SHOP for the latest swag or make reservations at BEEBOP FARM™.

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