TEFL International: 120/hr TESOL: Collected in Beijing, China

TEFL International

Acknowledges the completion of the TEFL International, 120 hour TESOL Certificate course by

Ryan O’Neal Johnston

who is hereby awarded the TEFL International TESOL Certification on the 27th day of June  in the year 2008



So when I decided to pack up and travel China, this big Asian trip… I thought… I need some way to make money! So many travelers talked big about this teaching English thing that I signed myself up for one of these courses and I have to say… That it was worth it in the end. I mean, out of a group of twenty-five classmates, which most folks didn’t take it seriously, and I, at that age, that time in life, with my cash, my money… I took this shit seriously and I am happy that I did so.

~You want a lesson plan? I’ll give you one!~

Some good knowledge came from it all. Many lessons were learned.

Now for the reality of it, the Beijing, China side. I got so sick so damn fast of this English teaching game that in about ten months at fifty to seventy hours a week…

I was burned! China, I wouldn’t expect any less…

Fuck kids, fuck the ladies, & fuck all that fake English crap which turned out to be a dating game or babysitting, cause that is just how it is.

With that being said, I will happily teach you and your family any form of English you require. Grammar, spelling, pronunciation. Street slang, business, or simply casual chat. I only ask that everyone who participates takes it seriously! Which may require more than one hour per week or whenever you feel like it…

If not taken seriously it’s Pointless!


Love teaching? Then takes it upon yourself to get TEFL/TESOL Certified.

 I and others in the industry can then take you a bit more serious.

What is  TESOL you say? They say it’s: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.



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