Kjetil Jikiun former brewmaster of Nøgne Ø: Shanghai, China: May 30, 2014

The brew man!

Kjetil Jikiun is the man when it comes to making craft brews. We’ll at least in his part of the world.  Founder & brewmaster for a time of Nøgne Ø. Which produces one of the best Porters I have ever rolled in my mouth.    I am so giggly like a little nancy boy to have served those bottles in my establishment, the entire line up of Nøgne Ø, at Trouble Bar. Though mostly ended up in my belly.

On occasion, I would head down to Shanghai to play at the Shanghai International Beer Festival. The first year was a blast! All-star cast for All-star reasons!.  Each and every year their after was strictly for business and the scene just ending up drying up! On one joyish occasion, I was out playing in Yongkang Lu street, having a beer at the now de-funked establishment named The Rooster celebrating Jing-A tap take over and this giant of a man shows up! It was a pleasure to shake hands, drink and enjoy some small chat with this guy! A great pleasure.

Though I look high AF!

Nøgne Ø 

Have a visit to the site, then go visit somewhere that has this beer on draft. Bottles will do as well! I did manage to find a little bar called in ATL that had this on draft!

The Porter

Now that’s a nice upscale move for that establishment.  America moving up the chain with this import brew!




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