Igor & Red Elvises @ ???: Denver CO: April 17, 2016

We just so happen to be in Denver around this time, when Bandsintown posted that The Red Elvises will be playing.  Music to my ear back in 2000 something when I came across a movie at Wild & Wolly videos in Lousiville, KY called 6 String Samurai.  Brilliant movie!

I happily lived out in Breckenridge, Co back for some time in my younger years when I got the chance to catch Igor and The (original) Red Elvises onstage at ( fill in the blank) down in Denver.  What a great evening, at a great venue. Pool table in the opposing room, but just in view of the stage.  I think I got wicked drunk that even horsing around on the table and dancing to ‘boogie on the beach‘.  Still drove back home like a champ! So when it came around the 2nd time, I couldn’t say no.  Like repeating the good ol times in life, just different folks and strokes on stage.

This time I got to shake the hands of Igor. Magic fingers!


If you ever find yourself in the same town with The Red Elvises playing….. make sure you make the time to belly dance! Russian style!

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