Brews with Bruce Lee: Hong Kong 2014


A legend they say!  A man dressed in yellow n black they showed! The man who could catch bullets with his teeth they tried! The man the world grew up with on the big screen and gave Americans their love for kung fuLighting skills that could catch the speed of sounds and gave ol Chuck a run for his money!  The one and only king of Kung Fu Fighting…


Also known as the last Chinese man to master the art of fighting before yelling & cell phones were introduced.

(if one ever lived in China, one would know my meaning.)

During one of my many trips to Hong Kong, I would have to stop by each time and spent a few cherished moments at

Bruce Lee statue in Hong Kong. 

On this joyish occasion, I was tending Beertopia 2014 as well as the many many brewpubs, bottle shops, and eateries catering to craft beers that Hong Kong had to offer.

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On this great day, I hit up many of the local bottle shops for a togo 6 pack and had a lovely drink session/trolley ride uptown to the farrier to make the crossing over to Kowloon and spent a bit of time with Bruce all while enjoying a beautiful KOKO BROWN from Kona Brewing Company. An expired import all the way from Hawaii.  So lovely with hints of toasted coconut.  My favorite brown ale. A solid go-to brew.

Aaaaaaah how I miss the lazy tipsy days in the Hong Kong Zoo & Botanical Garden that catered free wifi!

Hong Kong I love the.


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