Angkor Wat & Siem Reap: Cambodia: 2011

Let me start out that this ANGKOR WAT is just a single location amassed this huge compound that consists of numerous temples, gates, and stone mazes. Nore is it in an association of the little town nearby in which one has to stay if visiting Angkor Wat. So thank goodness my computer crashed in Bangkok after the trip and I lost 99.8% of all photos pertaining to Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc… Just a memory for me that won’t be fading anytime soon.


This is one of the few of the photos that remain of the time I  hung out in Angkor Wat! Thought it won’t take one much to google it and find an entire mass load of photos for everyone who has visited to get the idea … This place is a tourist HOTSPOT. Not much else to do in Cambodia if one is inland from the coast other than drink fake booze and ordering up little girls! Seriously, It’s ok! It’s a worldwide commercialized business that will never end thanks to so-called “activist” who bring it out to the public attention each and every year.  Stupid shit.

No one is a SAINT!

Other than seeing the beauty of the ruins and I did and went everywhere they told me I shouldn’t.  Some of the best climbing I’ve done.


I was in barefoot shoes and hands. Careful as a cat! These are beautiful areas and if you are a fuck-tard, please do not enter. Makes it bad for the rest of us who are


Not really knowing what to do, just trying to avoid the local street trash humans pedaling by on their bikes asking tourist if that want drugs or woman. The 1# thing I hate about traveling to these piss poor 3rd world countries.  No amount of tourist dollar will ever make the locals stray from their old paths of being… well… local!

People on the travel usually end up in the small town of Siem Reap.

To get away from the street grim!

Go to

Terrasse des Elephants Hotel & Restaurant 

Pay for the $100. USD deals that get you the top floor VIP sweet on the roof next to the pool, dinner, and away from the dirt. At least for a little while. There will be a time of two you’ll wander off into the night just for fun! 

Angkor Wat is one of those amazing places that one has to explore on their own.  Study astrology and give it a bit of imagination.  Not too much, for most of the story is there written in stone.angkor-wat-siem-reap-cambodia-lakhesis-dreamstime1



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