Brick O’Neal® Beer Buddy Tour Guide Service

I can show you the


You chose wisely, friend!

Boxing Cat Brewery

There is always the ol saying,

When in Roman do as the Romans!” – whoever.

Jing A

So similar rules apply throughout the world.

Do as the tourist do and contact Brick O’Neal® to schedule a beer buddy tour of all the hot beer tavern, bottle shops, and brewpubs.

Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Germany, USA, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico! 

Brick O’Neal® knows craft beer, the scene and the folks who run it like the back of his hand and the emptiness of his pocket. Let Brick O’Neal® be the lead you need for the best beer joints in town without the fuss of the traffic or the police!. Get the walk-in-like-a-local respect, special beer sampling, tours, RSVP tables with the finest bottles, with a chance to meet the brewmasters and the team behind such EPIC brews!.

Brick O’Neal®

When in China do as the Chinese an “GāNBēI!” – whenever

“When in America, do as the Americas do an puke!” – whenever


From the peaks of the mountains tops of Colorado, USA to the Great Walls of Beijing, China and all the place that lay between & around.

View Bricks Brewers Association/ Learn 2 Serve Beer 101 Certification.

Bad Monkey

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Kentucky Ale

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Contact me today to set your time. A basic questionnaire will be sent to the email address given, price points, times, locations, etc. Everything from pick up to drop off will be arranged once dates are verified. 

$300 deposit talks 

Start your adventure today! 

Nøgne Ø

Locations of bottle shops, breweries, and beer novice location are left unlisted and are subject to change. It’s a fast pace world of openings and closures.

Multi-day beer hoping, all expenses included. Need 5 days advance reservations. $ dollar deposit required via Paypal to begin the process. Remain of agreed paid upon the 1st day of the tour. 48 hours cancellation. 20% cancel fees

Final pricing is based on variables such as how many beers you want and how many bottle shops, breweries, taverns, taxis, “singles to groups” desires during one’s tour.  These details are discussed in the questionnaire, phone calls, and emails that come with initial deposit.

Please contact Brick Consulting LLC for more detail. 



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