The Last Resort: Nepal: 12-16-2010


If you haven’t got off your fat ass and jumped off a bridge yet, you should! I would highly recommend jumping that ass off the swinging bridge at the world lest famous bridge located deep at

The Last Resortdsc01497

Located in the woods just Northeast of Katmandu not far from the border of Tibet. Somewhere close to one of those “friendship bridge”  This Swiss design local construction wire suspended bridge spanned a century-old gorge at a graceful height of 525ft. At first crossing the metal suspension bridge is intimidation, but one can muster the courage for there is a well-stocked bar waiting on the other side!

‘Stories to come. I will break this up into several session detailing certain location during my visit to Nepal. A 4 months journey throughout this land of filth and tourism.  So much information, for I can’t face the fact of boring myself with long stories and big paragraphs in just one session.’dsc01520


We got our drink session on early in the day for we arrived ahead of the planned “jump day”. That 28-hour road trip was a great journey in itself. With that behind us and now with great determination,  Chris & I decided to head out and hike up the hill that can be seen in the background of the photo below. Interestingly enough, we came to a stop at a little village consisting of about five to seven little farmer family homes and one general store. What appeared to be the town water source and the community bathing room was located in the central of the village, right next to the square which hosted the village market, and the livestock barn.  Kinda like HK 7-11 with a better view.

Diffentely a packed mulled shipping system kind of village.

To our surprise!! Those bastards had 6-packs cans of PBR laying about! (viewed in photo) Lukewarm, dusty as hell and a sight for sore eyes! We couldn’t believe it! It was like the gods opening up and screaming


So we bought the entire store out,  hung about in the village central watching the local women bath in public and we didn’t budge till the polished off what we bought. Every can of PBR on a mountaintop in B.F.E. Nepal with a half-naked woman washing here self, with screaming kids kicking a soccer ball!!

A true once in a lifetime blessing. dsc01532

Being way up on top of the world pissed drunk came the easy part. Going down and happy about that… It was all downhill straight from the empties right into the cue at the check-in counter where we were then gathered and marched out onto the bridge like fresh captured heading to the killing fields!

Drunk and lousy!

Chris was an animal! This man is the ultimate backpack buddy. He showed no fear in following me into situations no white man should ever follow. He didn’t mind  –getting kicked out of the guided car in the middle of the night, full moon, only to follow me into the cab of a lorry with a bunch of Indians in God knows where country going God knows where without freaking out makes for a bitchen good travel buddy! Nor did this man say a word when it was his time to jump!

Nepal and India…  An insane once in a lifetime trip thanks to this man!

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Watch Chris’s jump off a bridge, and then experience Brick O’Neal®


 No pics were snapped during the 1.25-hour  cross climb back up the river’s edge to the bridge only to suit up for the 2nd jump for the day! Fear for the fat people, there’s no lift to the top!

I personally didn’t get enough,  I return some three months later to do the canyon swing with the ol business partner! dsc01538

I do have to add that the bus journey to this place made this adventure a solid trip!



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