The Kennedy Space Center: Florida: 2016

The Kennedy Space Center

 Florida has always been in my life. Many a family trips down the coast with the occasional stop off to catch up on America’s lastest space information. Call it being blessed, I have no idea. But to be given a chance to share this with my wife was awesome! China doesn’t have that face game to public relations like America does. So when it comes to space and the technology tourist destinations to fuel the imagination…

There is none…

Matter of fact there is nothing at all when it comes to hands-on, interaction and feel of the real thing pertaining to space or aviation. The Chinese are “down to earth” kinda folks. Standard knowledge of the Government which revolves around the idea of ‘space’ do from time to time get flashed on the Telly!

Sounds like America right? 

We had a blast. Such a wonderful time visit the new additions and checking out Space X. No matter what one thinks,

fake or not,

there was a hell of a lot of time, money, and human effort to make this. These rockets!  It was an amazing half day journey shared with my best friend! I suggest everyone visit a space station near them.!



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