The Hanging Temples & The Yungang Grottoes @ Datong, Shanxi Province, China: 2010

It was an all-day tour on these Chinese made Qingqi 200cc  GY-F motorcycles.  The tour guide and I on one, my brother who was in for a month tour of China on the other.  I took my bro up to the great wall on motorcycles the week before and had one of the best times of my life! Firecrackers again and all! I have no idea who came up and making the statement

” I have a bright idea!

” Shit! “


“Let us drive the bikes to another spot in China. Any place close worth the ride?”

Datong is home to not only The Hanging Temples but also The Yungang Grottoes. So visiting these locations seemed like the ideal spot for it’s like a two for one action-packed journey.  So within the week, I told the bar manager of THE brick bar that’s he’s the man of the house till I get back, and without the second bit of doubt, we packed up the bikes and heading out on the road of Beijing.

Datong is located North West of Beijing about three hours drive if no traffic. For us, with no GPS it turned out to be some ??? hours longer of riding with a few stops along the way. On our return was a bit different where we ran right into China worst traffic jam with something like a sixteen-day wait… for the ones that drove cars! 


It’s got to suck being Chinese.

What felt like forever with, numerous small town stop, volcanos, shit, and bug. We arrived at the spot only too late to be allowed in the park. So we pulled back to the nearby town and found a room for the night where we threw noodles on the ceiling.

Early the next day, we got up, got packed, got high, and we parted for the Hanging Temples.





(The red tap stated: Please step over the red tape and get high with the buddhas!.)

What an amazing human accomplishment! Seriously a heavenly experience! It’s amazing the creativity and ability one has had to perform in escaping man.

Then a quick stop off for a beer and some Jesus!  There are tons of Christian & Catholic churches about the countryside of China. Usually empty, but under the care of a local family. Today, no one was home to let us in, but we’ve have had luck with entering others and… it’s all the same.

P.S. Yes, I rode the entire trip to and from with tongs on my feet!



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