The Great Wall Badaling: Beijing, China: 4/13/2008

Great Wall of China at Badaling and Ming Tombs are just the standard TOURIST  day tours many can enjoy. I’m not for sure who planned this adventure, but the bus ride too and from where more exciting.

Especially if Baijiu is in hand!

One can find all that interesting information here on TRIP ADVISOR.


Yes!  This is The Great Wall of China and I would so happen to be the fool and spend my time climbing around on the damn thing.

But Hey! At least I wasn’t trying to scrap my name or brand in it like ninety-five percent of the folks I was with on the tour managed to do, for the thousand upon thousand that did before and after my journey…

  Cough Cough… 


Tiffany Mok @’*&%$! Just because you’re some Hong Kong rich family descendant who spent time growing up in Canada then California doesn’t give you the right to pollute! But, I guess they don’t teach that shit in school in those God-forsaken places, plus at that time in life…

One hot ass teenager … but none the less,

  “I got blackmail photos!”

When the Chinese government comes calling, I’m selling you out.! Sucks losing that shape when you got old. Should not have moved back to California or Canada girl! That place will make you do nothing but consume.


Other than the bar table at Jing A Brewery, barf of a place when it comes to quality of beer, I have never EVER written a damn thing on any of the world heritage sites that I’ve traveled too.

Yes, it is tempting even to pee on them & you may have been a fine piece of ass who traveled “commando” but


(warning to everyone)


Or can you.!?



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