The Goddamned Gallows @ Jinx 912: Savannah GA: March 3, 2016


These guys are GREAT LIVE!

Their music style and lyrics are one of a kind as with their name.  When The Goddamned Gallows made their way to Savannah, GA to play at this cool venue called The Jinx 912. I couldn’t pass up the moment to ride my little tw200 through the rain and sleet down and back to see them live. What a blast it was!!!  These guys fucken pump out some of the best lyrics and the guy who played the accordion and wash rack is a crack!  Running around, getting the crowd involved with the antics of the band. That is want was needed for the audience.

I bought tickets in advance as I usually try too.

Just the bartender/owner/operator was your typical tattooed Dick! I was sick, riding moto one point five hours from home, raining and shit outside, and he kept the main doors open so the nice March breeze, cough cough, blew in till midnight. Dick!

No big deal. I kept covered.

Even tho I asked for a hot totty, he arrived with just tea. Awesome! Even better. I paid for my bar stool and warm tea with 10 bucks + tip and he was still a Dick!  Glad that I am used to having this attitude myself being that I made a living off owner/operating bars for some eight years in Beijing, China. Prepared me to just smile and wish I could get drunk to help the guy out.

The next time I return, I will be prepared.  I may still only drink warm flavored water just to see if he is still a Dick!

I am happy such a place like Jinx 912 exist near me.  This place is visual, atmospheric, what one wants when it comes to a live music venue that specializes in being the theme of Rock-a-Billy..??

My favorite music venue in SC.  Keep up the good work guys. I’ll support the best I can.




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