Thai Food Cooking School: BBK, Thailand: 2011


So during the month of hanging out in Bangkok, Thailand during 2010-2011, I gendered up and did what most tourists do an joined in on Thai Cooking classes.  A week-long event, for what seems like a reasonable amount of money. I again enjoyed every moment of the experience. The entire kitchen was left to only the female Thai chef and I. I got to relax more, listen more, and without saying… Got corrected more.

The chef was amazing and she was caring but stern, which made for the perfect teacher.

Somewhere along the lines of my last day. I did some vegetable and fruit knife carvings.  My first time to play fancy fruit displays.

Bonus to these courses was in the end, one was awarded a

Certificate of Achievement.

Overall, I scored a 40 out of 60.!

Signed by:  Thanaporn Boonloh B.B.A

Date: 1-4-2011

Thai Cooking School BKK

This place seems to have grown since I have last been and I encourage others to go and enjoy their time as well.



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