Stratosphere Las Vegas: SKY JUMP: 2016

So it just so happened that I ended up in Las Vegas this Spring with the wife &  kids, and I told them

“there was no way hell that I or they were leaving this purgatory of a city without jumping off that fucking building”

as I pointed out the truck window towards the towering STRATOSPHERE in Las Vegas. That was it. That was the sole reason for the Vegas trip I told them.  So they better gender up!

Mapel tainted bourbon will get you every time!

Beside staying and enjoying lunch at the Trump Hotel.


Stratosphere Las Vegas SKY JUMP was the first object that pierced the horizon as we drove into Vegas about dinner time! It was a long long getting on my nerves kind of drive in from Moad. But like a trooper, I was going to see the safe arrival of everyone before nightfall come hell or high water for I felt that it was beginning of an evening that would end with me jumping off a building.

So the beauty of it all was that at the end of ones jump, they awarded the brave soul with a

 Sky Jump Las Vegas Certificate.

Happy to share this achievement with the wife!

 I did not record this video.  Having no clue who is jumping, but he jumps so well as all have claimed in their YouTube “jump” videos. This video is simply to demonstrate what an evening, & atmosphere at Stratosphere Las Vegas Sky Jump.



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