Sky Jump: Stratosphere Tower: Las Vegas, Nevada: April 25, 2016


Hereby declares that Brick Johnston ???

Who.!? Fuckers!

(This guy) has scaled the heights of Skyjump Las Vegas and leaped from the

108th floor (855 feet)

off the Stratosphere Tower.

He/She is affirmed to have fallen and landed on the bull’s eye.  Further, this SkyJumper had defied all previously known free-fall limits by participating in North America’s highest Skyjump thrill.

This certificate also entitles the SkyJumper to a lifetime immunity from being called chicken, scaredy cat, wimp and any other monikers that might imply less than crazy brave. Any embarrassing screams or loss of bodily fluids will forever remain under SkyJumper/SkyJump Las Vegas privilege.

Signed by SkyJumper Las Vegas Jump Master: Klarra

Date: April 25, 2016



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