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Dear Luray, SC Land Owner,

As you can see over the past couple years, Brick Consulting LLC Home to Beebop Farm™ has been making some small changes in Luray, SC and we would like to continue with our ideas of a clean, beautiful town by saying thank you. Thank you for your curtsy and understanding that we are committed to rejuvenating our community and that will bring smiles to everyone.

We now need your help!

Our mission is to get the community involved in a project that would forever change the landscape of every home in the Luray, SC Town Neighborhood into a vibrant color scheme that will not only drawl smiles from the passer-byes but also the attention that Luray, SC is a community that cares. Not to mention the added benefits such as insect replant, soil replenishment, and natural beauty!

Project: Lavender Luray

Beebop Farm™ likes to lead with the commitment of bright ideas brought forth by diligent work, and we would like to extend the joy of our effort to you by asking you, the landowner, to Donate your yard &/or land to Beebop Farm™! No more dust, yard waste, or that ever-regretful decision of mowing the yard. Turn that brown/green mess you struggle to maintain each year into a much welcomed maintained land of beauty. Stop throwing away thousands of needed dollars. It’s now your time to give back to nature by a simple agreeing & a signature.

Beebop Farm™ would like to respectively use your land for the planting of Lavender and Lemongrass. With your permission, Brick O’Neal® will set up a detailed scheduled clean/maintenance care-taking program for your land, in exchange to plant and grow Luray, SC into the beauty it deserves. In short, Brick O’Neal® will landscape layout the L&L, mow, trim, & remove yard waste throughout the duration of a set scheduled agreement. No charge to you. Well almost. There is watering!

I know you can see this saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year. We can!  

Why Lavender & Lemongrass?

Lavender and Lemongrass will not only bring beauty to the community visually, at full growth, but will help rid your land & home of unwanted incest’s, reptiles, and rodents. Saving us from unwanted chemical “spraying” in the community or surrounding areas.

These two well adapted for zone 8 plants will bring many benefits to the community by not only repealing the pest in life but will help attract the beneficial ones like honey bees and other natural pollinators. In due time, these two plants can provide a sustainable commodity for production, and with that being said Beebop Farm™ reserves the right of the plants and the use of or removal of the plants… Well… it would be great to be notified first of any major decision you the landowner foresee. Keep in mind this small out-of-our-pocket venture, which will not only benefit the community in a short time but will continue to be a benefit for the duration of friendship and growth of Beebop Farm™.

Why Luray, SC?

Well, that is an easy one. We live here. We enjoy here. With all the traveling in the world that the folks behind Brick Consulting LLC Home to Beebop Farm™ has done in search of a place to grow old, Luray, SC fits the bill. In life, we see that it’s all about how one spends their time on this planet before departure, and we feel that our times needs to be spent wisely. In creating, in caring, and in giving back to what keeps us human being. Luray, SC nature and community is a commitment that we can work with. Luray, SC and the surrounding area are steeped in Brick O’Neal® family history, it is now his turn to accept the responsibility. Brick O’Neal® respectfully works with local families to make this project come true for benefits that everyone can enjoy now and the near future

What in it for US at Brick Consulting LLC?

Everything! We not only hope to bring beauty with continued leisure to the area, but a means for us to produce, educate, and enjoy the easy life in which we call home. To reduce unwanted consumption on the environment with well develop micro-gardening concepts.

Simple living.

We want you to take the time when reading this proposal. Give respective thought to our growing projects and the goals we have set forth for ourselves. We welcome any and all questions pertain to the project, plants, and that your beneficial land. We welcome any suggestions that could help our experience grow. We look forward in making a tight watchful productive community that is sustainable and a welcomed form of today US society.

Mom use to say,

“You are who you hang out with!”

Our interpretations are that we want the community to hang out with us so that we can grow and progress in a short time with benefits that can last a lifetime.

Sample Schedule:

Below is a simple outline that will be used by Brick O’Neal® listing time frame, duration, maintenance & growth schedule for your property.

Project Ideas for Lot Time Time Notes
Preparation 1 weeks N/A N/A
Planting 1 week N/A N/A
Maintain 3 hours N/A N/A
Maintain 3 hours N/A N/A
Harvest 2 weeks N/A N/A
Maintain 3 hours N/A N/A
Harvest 2 weeks N/A N/A
Total N/A N/A N/A

*Listed above are general ideas and are subject to change pending on weather and so forth.

**The lemongrass, lavender, and any other essential herb plants used in the Luray Lavender Project is owned & cultivated by Brick Consulting LLC Home to Beebop Farm™ and can not be removed, cut, or processed without the permission of Brick O’Neal® or affiliates of Brick Consulting LLC Home to Beebop Farm™.

***Brick Consulting LLC Home to Beebop Farm™ is insured, but won’t be held responsible for damage to landowners property due to weather, neighbors, or other elements out of our control. If Brick O’Neal® or affiliates of Brick Consulting LLC Home to Beebop Farm™ is to blame, then a follow-up review will be discussed with the property owner.

Please feel free to contact us;

Brick Consulting LLC Home to Beebop Farm™

Luray Lavender Project

803 625 0411

843 505 4183



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