Project A: Air Bee Guest House in the great state of SC


located in the great state of South Carolina.

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Our Mission: We are to open an Air BnB style environment that doubles as an educational facility. Providing not only a safe and comfortable environment to relax and enjoy ones stay, but to also bring individuals closer to nature and understanding what one can do in maximizing their yards potential. Alternative medical treatment through Apitherapy Bee Venom sessions as well as basic education on a better healthier lifestyle with micro farming and bee cultivating. Air Bee & B-Line Farm located in Luray, SC is the first of a 2 phase facilities project to take place in the Carolinas. Our idea is to not only provide food for honey bees, but also encourage our guests to interact closely with honey bees, discuss smart yard farming ideas, and enjoy the time in a small southern town. We believe that providing a center for self-stainable habitat could change people’s perceptions on what issues we have today with honey bees, organic food cultivation, as well as giving back not taking from nature. 


Air Bee & B- Line Farm is a destination point where individuals could spend days in our custom built shipping container home, greenhouse lounge, and interact with honey bees, small farm animals, and smart yard garden, Observe honey bees and their behavior, learn what to plant and grow, and join the introductory workshop on Bee Queening and Bee Venom Apitherapy. This is a place that we want to give back to nature in giving honey bees a place to feed, pollinate, and to safely breed. Educating the public helps as to pay for reworking the land and supplying natural bee food as well as other costs of this facility.

Some Facts in SC

A Deforestation State

Live Science: “A new global map of deforestation reveals 888,000 square miles (2.3 million square kilometers) lost between 2000 and 2012.”

Due to the mass deforestation of precious wooded & wetlands throughout several generations of negative farming habits in the southern state of South Carolina; Natural woodlands has been cut down to make way for cheap land tax GMO farming of cotton, pine trees for the large corporate paper mills in the area. Poor nutrition from lack of natural regional vegetation/habitat, viruses through cross contamination or crops on top of stress are causing bee sustainability to be at it’s worst.

Along with deforestation, back in 1958 the United States Officially NUKED the South Carolina, USA! 

A Great Decline in The Number of Bumble & Honey Bees

In most crops (about 70 percent) that are used today require multiple pollination engagements to develop fruits, nuts, and seeds. However, due to but poor nutrition, viruses, parasite varroa mite, and stress, we see a worldwide decline in the number of wild and honey Bees which also results in the decline of the proper production rate of vegetable and fruit. Bumble-bees are now on the endangered species list.

Disconnected From Nature

More people plug into Facebook, weChat with their iPhone, more cars filling more parking lots, more factories and more long ques at the supermarkets. Fewer people spend time walking in the woods, gardening, or otherwise interacting with nature the less they understand that pollinators like bees have long been taking for granted. Vegetables and fruits are not as abundant as they used to be. Habitats for wild creature are being destroyed at an alarming rate in the increasingly human-dominant consumption world in which a Government creates.

Solution: Why Air BEE & B-Line Farm?  


When people hear that we are keeping honey bees, they usually ask if we could provide honey. Honey is the reward that shouldn’t be given away so lightly, it’s only when the food for bees are abundant, and their production rate is good; only then can one take the honey away from bees. Sadly people do not put forth the effort they should, so the reward is not so likely. We like to reward our people with something a bit more fruitful With Venom treatments, queen breeding, and basic understanding and relaxation.

Our Air Bee & B-Line Farm is young and in its experimental stage. It could not get into the scope of a Professional/Commercial apiary until a few years, The living conditions of bees in SC cannot change quickly, but it could raise the concern about how we could connect to nature and live together in harmony with our most important food pollinators; the wild bumble and honey bees. Our solutions are the following:

  • To Provide more natural food for bees to feed, by planet a verity of vegetation.
  • To increase the awareness of our individual rolls up on this planet and what could we do individually and collectively to help our nature return to its true respectful beauty.

Our main focus on Air Bee & B-Line Farm is food. Food not only for the bees but for individual guest who visits the farm. We have decided to do away with the “green grass” yard and utilize the land to grow a verity of honey and pollen producing fruits, vegetables, shrubs.

Air Bee & B-Line Farm is to be a destination point.  We want to make the stay not only a comfortable one but a one of interest with educational means to provide information in how to protect the future environment; Inspired by Jacque Fresco of The Venus Project. There are also activities that revolve around the outdoors. Gardening, bee watching, tightrope, freebie, fire pit, and more.

By opening an inviting space, providing an interactive and fun experience, and working with us on protecting the bees for everybody’s future, we believe it can change people’s perceptions on the health care of the honey bees and planet today, and push ones to resonate back to nature the best they can. 


What do Air Bee & B-Line Farm offer in the small town Luray in SC?

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”  ― Albert Einstein
Air Bee & B- Line Farm is a place where individuals can interact with Honey Bees. Conquering their fears of stings, watching Honey Bee behavior, and understand a bit about what it takes to live with bees. Enjoy fine food, private comfortable safe environment. We are one of the few and hope for many in looking for a more mature, more primitive lifestyle while keeping our environment and ourselves healthy.

We have Honey Bees, and farm animals on the property. Mexican dogs nearby. Guest will be able to sleep in Air Bee & B-Line Farm custom built Shipping Container Home or in a tent in the spacious greenhouse.

We are located 1.5 hours (50 miles’ drive) bus ride from 3 top SC beaches as well as Downtowns of Hilton Head, Savannah, Beaufort, and Charleston (1.5-hour drive).

To interact with Honey Bess, we mainly provide 3 education sessions

Session One: Queening Video: Demo (1 hour)

Session Two: Apitherapy Demo (1 hour), nerve and muscle relaxing ONLY

Session Three: General Information about Container Home Design/Smart yard gardening and basic beekeeping

This is not a turn & burn. A 5 year to lifetime goal! 

Our goal for the SC development is not necessarily for the production of honey and other products.  It’s for the procreation of bees, colonies. To help multiply a healthy strain of Italians and mason bees that have been in the families care for over 12 years. To be able to provide a healthy quality bee andoutlook to the folks across America to those who are interesting in beekeeping as a hobby or as a career.

SC is a fantastic area to bee farm due to the warm zone 8 temperatures which keep the bees active for a longer duration during the fall, winter, & spring time. Providing us time to keep, maintain, and prepare for early spring/summer expansion.

What will this Kickstarter achieve?

Goal 1: $2,000 for Grand Opening of Air Bee & B-Line Farm

  • 4 sets of tools, bee suits and safety equipment for participants join the workshop session: Queening and Apitherapy, Bee Venom Demo
  • Allergy prevention: 5 epipen (All guests MUST confirm that they are not allergic to bee stings. Medical papers within 10 years preferred.)
  • With your help, we could recycle old barn wood and glass windows to builded a greenhouse for plants and bees during unbearable hot summer Grow trees, plants, and flower to provide a natural food substance to maintain proper healthy grow of the hive throughout the year.
  • Guests accommodation materials.

Goal 2: $5,000: Adding an Extra Container workspace/sleeping quarters for Accommodation and Bee & Herb Products Experiments.

We will recycle a 12 years old 20-foot container, which offers us 144 square foot space. Divided into two sections: accommodation and Lab area:

  • An extra Container Home for long-term (intern) accommodation.
  • Space out to add a Lab area for more Honey bee & herb products experiments, storage material, etc.

Goal 3: 10,000 for a secondary location of B-Line Farm in NC.

  • Our non-stop travel leads us to many unique locations, with Statesville, North Carolina being one of them. We have found a secondary location where the land is abundant with natural habitat. Mostly woods, a few fields which can home selected herbs, and spices. With proper land maintenance, Air Bee& B-Line Farms can begin on phase 2 in the following year, where we will expand some 20 honey bee boxes on the new location. The new location can provide a better educational ground for further education once it has been approved and reconstruction begins.

The Rewards:

Pledge $10 or more

You will receive our Bee Hive Art stickers

THE CONCEPT: This is a concept in design to generate support and awareness to anything that provides us with a natural life. Every 3 months we showcase an inspiring artist from around the world that Brick as personal met. A donation will benefit not only our Air Bee & B-Line Farm & also our collaboration artists.


Hit this LINK to read up about the artist! This one gets the Midas Touch of Approval by Brick.

Pledge $30 or more

You will receive our Bee Hive Art Certificate of Recognition

This sized print (14″ x 11″) of beauty is a must on any wall in the home or office.

The CONCEPT: This limited edition work of art certifies that the contributor will not only benefit from such art hanging on the wall; but to show that the individual, family, or company, has shown outstanding generosity & charity in providing a sustainable haven for honey bees in South Caroline in care of Air Bee & B-line Farm.

Hit this LINK to read up about the artist! This one gets the Midas Touch of Approval by Brick.

Pledge $50 or more

Option 1: We are inviting you to stop by our small farm, take the time joining our queening and apitherapy sessions and have a beer with us.

Contact us to set up the tour. (All guests MUST confirm that you are not allergic to bee stings. Medical papers within 10 years preferred.)

Option 2: T-Shirt Death Rabbit by Griffin Kelley: (short sleeve) 

If you are too far away from us, our artist collaboration T-Shirt is also available as a way to say THANK YOU. A % will be donated to the America Diabetes Association

THE ARTIST Griffin Kelley

Hit this LINK to read up about the artist!

Pledge $100 or more

Enjoy one night stays at our customized container home in Luray SC.

We live in a tiny village with a healthy mix of worldly culture. Very quiet for the most part and the neighbors like it that way. The village does host the perfect ‘Southern” general store. One can purchase an incredible sandwich and most general products. Church facilities are available within the village.

We are the destination spot. We cater to most needs with in-house kitchen, bar, and entertainment. Wifi, clear sky for star gazing, and down to earth activities are provided. We encourage a walk around in the neighborhood, freebie, or biking. The closest Petro Station 3 miles away.

Pledge $200 or more

  • Two nights stay at our customized container home in Luray SC,
  • Dinner will be provided by Chef Brick. 

Pledge $500 or more

  • Two nights stay at our customized container home in Luray SC
  • Dinner will be provided by Chef Brick.
  • One-day beer buddy tour to Charleston of all the hot beer tavern, bottle shops, and brewpubs. Check out HEREfor more information.

Who will I be supporting?


Read his story of container home project in Luray SC.



Our Collaboration Artist: Griffin Kelley, Sharon Shi, 李三岁

 Risks and challenges

Though Beekeeping can be unpredictable. However, we are oriented to make this happen. Since our return to the USA in 2015, Brick has devoted time and efforts to build and create the Air Bee & B-Line Farm non-stop. We are gaining knowledge every day, even with high obstacles, with your help we will reach our goals.