Peaches @ Yigong Yishun: Beijing, China: April 24, 2010

This ain’t no

Peaches Show…

Live at YugongYishan.


A performance that will go down in history for Beijing, China.  Sometimes I am amused at what musical talent makes it through the gates and safely lands into the mainland. The Government is so keen on keeping the mass consumed POP music out of Beijing that great acts like this and  Godspeed You Black Emperor can sneak in.!


Then it’s Peaches.  From anti-government (GYBE) to full-on sexual explicit Peaches.  The control and regulations of China are always uncertain. Which I am not complaining for I had one of the best evenings being stepped on by Peaches, spat at by Peaches, and managed to get in close proximity of Peaches peach! Very close!


Peaches were by far one of the best international acts that ever came to Beijing!  I am so happy to be a part of that fiasco before and after the event! With an opening act being the local hot pop Chinese band called Pet Conspiracy!

Catch this video of Peaches, (Free drink ticket)

Thank you @ photo blog for the photos!

Thanks to the photographer working for The Beijinger for the photos!






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