Nicholas Davies-Jones: Freelance Action Journalist

Freelance Action Journalist by day! Ladies man by night! Very similar to the likes of Ron Burgundy.


Nick Davies-Jones and his ass hat! This man has been in my life now for some eight years. Him and Mr. Paul Crow. !  What a pair of twats that get all my love none the less. I remember when we first met at my bar, THE brick bar, in Beijing, China. They came in like any ol regular customers, dressed in suits right out of the taxi from work. That night they left as buddies that went beyond your BFF. I had to do something to keep these CCTV2 chaps in the drinking mood and from that day on, smokin, boozen, and Brick was a team of misfits that built stories throughout China that would make your mom tear up.



You know who I am talking about boy-o!

There was this one time! We were out front of THE brick bar, smoking. In one hand Nick had one of the finest quality cigs China can produce… seven dollars per single smoke. Huang He Lou 1916 are some of the most expensive smokes available to date. Starting at one thousand three hundred eighty-seven dollars per carton. In his other hand, he held a canister of pepper spray and was debating, asking me… ” Mister Brick sir. Do you fancy a taste?”


  I laughed as I gave it some thought. Thinking to myself… I must be fucken high and not drunk enough to even think about my willingness to volunteer for such a moment.  Watching the smile develop on Nick’s face. I sat down beside him on the bench, the clouds begin to form,  and he passed to me. As I prepared to take the BIGGEST hit of my life, that fucker raised the canister and proceeded to drench me in the face!  I inhaled so much that I thought… NOTHING!  Nothing to think about with a face full of pepper spray! I can still hear his cackle of a laugh as he then turned the canister on himself and opened fired..!


What a madman!

Nothing hurts more than witnessing a perfectly good seven dollar ciggy on the ground that couldn’t be touched because it’s saturated with pepper chemicals.

That my friends were the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

This one time! A group of us gathered into a van.  They let me drive .. hahaha  I made like a mad mad man to another city hours outside Beijing to attend a dear friends wedding.

Thanks, Andrew! Congrats on the years together!

While Mr. Crow sat upon the cooler filled with beer. I watched him help himself to all the Boddingtons before we left the city limits.  Wanker… I had to ask for one while driving before they were all gone!

Nothing can tear away those moments in a van packed full or Brits, Chinks, and one obviously fucked up American. Rolling at top speeds to make it to the wedding ceremony on time. That trip was amazing and well driven and continued all the way to the following morning where Nick and I proceeded to toss about five hundred plus firecrackers at each other’s face! I believe they call it ‘ Lollygagging“.  Forcing me to confess my sins later in the day to the very man who was trying to blow out my eyes hours earlier.!

The time came and I sold THE brick bar and heading out to do a bit of traveling. Nick phoned me up one day asking if I could loan him some money so that he can head back to the middle east somewhere for a bit of tourism in a country that was forever on the break of war.  I didn’t hesitate, only warning that I’m a complete asshole to anyone who borrows money from me.

Purely business.

He understood, took his chances, and that was the last that I heard of him until be became a ROCK STAR! I knew then that I would never see my money again. hahaha

Steps to becoming a rockstar: As the story goes. This man was picked up by the rebels in some hostel land and held hostage for a bit of time because he was doing the makrani in some town square and the local rebel army didn’t see that as appropriate.


That is so Nick which made me a bit jealous that I wasn’t there as his backup dancer.

Catch the stories here: Father’s fear for journalist held in Libya

British Journalists Held for a Month in Libya Had Reported on Revenge Attacks

Journalist Nickolas Davies-Jones speaks of Libya Ordeal

Times later, I made my way back to Beijing to open THE drive-thru as Nick & Paul made their way through! We spent the month hanging out and catching up on the actions while we were separated. Nick was still up to his old tricks and during one of our smokin, drinkin sessions, he pulled out a police taser! A TASER! The word cunt can’t even express the excitement within me and I knew I had no choice but to join in.. We spent a long night taking shots and tasin each other in the tit! hahaha

This is the kind of man I need in my life.!

Nick Jones is one amazing individual that I am proud to call a friend. He has forever been faithful and keeps me in stitches each time we converse. I am excited to know that he is safe and doing what he wants to do & be in life. A pure professional madman! I will always be envious for he has balls of steel and journeys to places that I can only dream about.

Not leaving you out Paul. I know you got balls of steel as well.

Anytime you guys need a helping hand! I’ll do my best!.

Nick is the kind of good man that everyone needs in life. That’s hard to find. A kind of man that will always be his best even when he is down and getting his ass kicked. He’s also a Brit.

Catch Nick in Iraqi: The Fight for Mosul: Iraqi forces deploy to suburbs around the city.

Catch Nick in Tehran: “Down with Russia” was chanted at prayers – Journalist

Catch Nick in Ukraine: Ukraine marks 30th anniversary of Chernobyl disaster, Nick Davis Jones reports

Thanks for paying me back Nick. Much respect some five years later when I was in need!  ha, Hope to see you soon bro!



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