Project B: Bee Farming Preparation in the great state of SC & NC

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Due to the mass deforestation of precious wooded & wetlands in the southern state of South Carolina to make way for farming GMO cotton, pine trees, and humans on welfare.


Which includes just about EVERYONE, from ignorant farmers to sad business owners to poor individuals.  Bee sustainability is at it’s worse. What I have to work with what has been handed to me and with my capabilities of making the most of a bad situation with the land around me. I have decided to take action and collect whats remains of a former Bee business, plant trees, specific plants, and business, as well as garden and put forth effort in developing the future potential Air Bee & B-Line Farms.  A place where we give back to nature in giving honey bees a place to feed, breed, and to pollinate.
With a problem, which most people on the planet don’t understand… is that bees need food to survive. Yes, there are gardens and a few trees scattered about here and there, but mono cropping GMO cotton & pine trees has devastated and destroyed most of the natural surrounding wood and wet lands in Hampton County and the surround counties, which in turns kills off the food that keeps honey bees and other animals alive during the time humans don’t provide gardens. That’s when the situation for a keeper become crucial. The continued development of shopping stores and parking lots seems to be all that people can vision when it comes to providing better for themselves.  Such cattle!


Seriously folks! We should feel bad about how we live and each of us should do a little something to give back to the mother Earth that feeds us.  Not only protesting for clean water, but focusing on our consumption habits is first and foremost.


Sorry to say this, but banning supermarkets would be the best thing to every happen to the public and the enviroment.  Each go back to raising their own food supply for the year would not only be healthier but much more satisfactory.

To solve that problem for myself and others like you. I have collect many a hive boxes with all the fixings and refurbished them. (pics soon). Upgrading my yard to a smart yard

My main concern is food to which I have decided to do away with a yard (ignorant America idea) and utilise the land to grow a verity of honey, and non, producing fruits and vegetables that will not only provide food for the bees, but to me as well. Doing so takes time and capital….  I am fortunate at the moment for I am currently being sponsored by C.O.a.R.E. A marketing, research, developing company that shares s similar vision and interest to my plans in bring back nature the best one man can.


List below are a verity of trees, plants, bushes, herbs12 apple trees all in there first year development within a 1 acre fenced lot.  Different verity for ciders, and eating. (Pics soon)

Hybrid Banana trees, Royal Empress Trees, Kaffir Lime, Blood Oranges, Grapefruit, Scuppernong Grapes, Buck Wheat, Crimson Clover, Cascade Hops, Black Berries, mint, sugar cane, and various elephant bamboo, lemon grass, flowers.

Hoping to get some saw pallmeto palm rooted.

**this post is being updated. thank you for your patience.**

and I need more. Usually giving the idea of a field, a pasture that hold some form of crops; 1 hive, (colony); 1 box fully stocked and healthy needs 1 acre of healthy honey producing vegetation. With our goal of 20 boxes, I need to cram in the vegetation. Which is not a problem with proper green land maintenance.

Kelly Beekeeping has it all the information one needs about bees. Matter of fact! There is way to many people writing about this bee shit and not putting forth any real physically effort to bring them back for the near possibility of extinction.

Our goal for the SC development is not necessarily for the production of honey and other products.  It’s for the procreation of bees, colonies. To help multiply a healthy strain of Italians bees that have been in my families care for over 12 years. To be able to provide a healthy quality bee to the folks across america to those who are interesting in bee keeping as a hobby or as a career.

SC is a fantastic area to bee farm due to the warm zone 8 temperatures which keeps the bees active for a longer duration during the fall, winter, & spring time. Providing us time to keep, maintain, and prepare for early spring/summer sales across the United States.




this is a project. This is not a turn & burn. A 5 year to lifetime goal! Do you want to save your soul? Donate* through paypal, to BRICK CONSULTING LLC @ Top donator will we welcome for a visit for a personal visit of the facilities.

*all donator will receive a CERTIFICATE of BEE ADOPTION as well as a receipt for their blessings. (more to come)

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**this post is being updated. thank you for your patience.**



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