MSTRKRFT @ HeartClub: Miami, FL: Feb 19, 2017


Death from Above 1979 came to me like like Death from Above!!

Ever since that man pulled it from his back pocket, laid it in the player, and cranked it to 11 at my gay dealer dudes flat in downtown Louisville, Ky back in 2005.   My faithful following of those two Canadians who rocked my soul was already 4 years behind, and only to be fast forward into a fucken brick wall halt to the year that they split! “No more 1979? Ever? Where are they now? ” I couldn’t only be left holding 1 album and an ep in one hand, and my cock in the other. Just not fair?

“FUCK YOU CANADA! What are you trying to do to me!!?”

Come to find out with a little homework, that after they split. One, not naming names here, went on to be the successful creator of a tekno Dj two-some.  Came up with a krfty name minus those whoreful AEIOU. MSTRKRFT was starting to hit the dance floors for some as well as a few eccentric MV’s to my liking as well.  Starting in the early days with Work on You to the latest jams featuring John Legend. Heart break. 

The other dude from Death from Above.. Sitting on his mom’s Canadian sofa.

Thank you, GOOGLE!

We had to make a role down to Ft Lauderdale this past month,(more to come) and had the pleasure of being in the same location, on the same day, at the same fucken time as MSTRKRFT!


What a treat! ‘Playing dodge balls ‘and ‘hard to get’ with the flaming gay people molesting the streets of Miami in the weeee hours and make way to The Heart Club. When we arrived early, I requested the ticket ladies to let is in when the main act was about to perform.  Paying for ‘Enter before 11 pm ticket” was cheaper, but hell if I was going to force us into that environment for x amount of hours at this age.  We would have been the only ones sleeping in the back where no seating was allowed.

2 am came.

We entered right in the time that MSTRKRFT were changing sets. Great!  The room was bouncing with blow up stuff attached to the ceiling.  The music was pouring deep house or something that sounded like tekno.  Weirdos out on the floor dancing and worried about their glow sticks.  Some lady in hills kept trying to talk to me about ‘sorry’ something, though hated the fact that I was ignoring her. All the love and happiness one would want in an all night dance-a-thon in Miami.

THANK YOU MSTRKRFT! Old people in the crowd still bouncing your beat. We just be dancing up against the wall.

That other dude on mom’s Canadian sofa did a little electro-pop group called Girlsareshort.

Just thought I would throw that in.

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