Mr Shen, Master Apiarist: Changping Beijing, China: August 8, 2016

Apiarist: is a fancy word for a beekeeper. An apiarist enjoys working with an unusual kind of pet, the honeybee. Because bees and other pollinators are so important to a healthy environment scientists encourage “bee-spotting” to improve fruits and vegetables.- here


At the age of 70, Mr. Shen is a full-time grandfather, tree farmer, beekeeper, and hardcore tobacco smoker.  This man has more energy than an entire short bus load of me. At the age of 16, he begins his bee business on the land in which he resides, which was sometime later he and hi land were recruited by the government. Mr. Zhen along with his wife have spent over 50 years working for the Chinese government in bee maintain projects in designated section on the outskirts of Northern Beijing, (next to a military base), as well as throughout China.

One of the many positive attributes of the Chinese government in my eyes is when they want to make a change of something, a move of the land and its people, a decision a goal.  They move! They don’t spend years in hopes for an act of Congress to finally make the decision to put said project into effect. They act.!

img_1206Once Mr. Zhen business and land were with the government on a SAVE THE BEE program, it wasn’t long till they shipped him and his bees to Xinjiang for some training. Study, working with many apiarists from other regions and procreation!  The bees that are. Training also included the crafting of all bee-oriented tools, hoods, boxes, etc. It wasn’t until near retirement age that Mr. Zhen moved back to his 40-acre farmland and started his care of Mother Earth even though he understands times have changed. Planting numerous apples, figs, plums trees in hope to better help his family in the future.

Once we got to sit down to chat with Mr. Zhen about his bee experiences, sharing photos, it wasn’t long that it seems everyone around the world practice the same beekeeping method installed by  Petro Prokopovych back in 1814. The also work with the same or similar breed of bee. The Italian bee.  Sad to hear that they suffer from the same negative drawbacks as all beekeepers that should be aware of in keeping proper maintenance.  Moths, beetles, and most importantly.


People are in direct competition with bees themselves.  Destroying countless acres of natural forest and land to provide shopping, parking, and homes which kills everything to do with the bees!!!!!!! 


I’m getting too old for certain shit.fullsizeoutput_f4c

So as for production. Like the future of America, China has depleted all its natural woodlands, etc. It’s now taking a man like this guy the last 20 years to plant a portion of it back. So everything is developing, growing 20 years fresh and new. There are these tiny weed flowers that grow like a vine and cover the entire ground foliage. The produce this tiny purple flower. Millions all over the land. This honey is super thin, very watery. I’m sure the final product, like all bee farmer in production, cut their honey with sugar or water, but the most interesting were the aroma. The fragrant perfume smell. Like a flower. ha  This honey made for a good ingredient in the chocolate candy production that followed later that evening.

But these days, it’s not all about the honey or the product. It’s about having old friends that help each other out through the years, for some of the hives, are from the original start 50 plus years ago.  Many a many a generations of sisterhood, family, and love are in those tiny boxes of salvation.


Best to all apiarist. The more the marry!

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