Monkey Jungle Island: Miami, Florida: June 10, 2016

So I turned to the monkey and with my voice of Edward G. Robinson in Little Ceaser said:

” look here monkey…. Yeah!  This here is my banana….. see..!!??   Yeah, see!  If you don’t like it monkey…. then up your’s monk…   UP YOUR’S!     Yeah!   see..!!? “

and that’s was all.


Damn monkey, still paid me no attention. You can see it in this shot.  The thought of what to do next.

If one ever seems to be aimlessly wandering around in the southern parts of Florida.

Monkey Jungle Island

A great place to spend half a day feeding the monkeys and teasing them with bananas. Love the rainforest concept in North America.   Support this place earlier in my life thanks to the parents, and now showing the wife a bit of my history.

Please make sure you book a tour in support of this place!



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