Michael Jordan: BrewMaster w/ Dave Bob: Marketing & Sales Guru for Alltech: Beijing, China Craft Beer Festival

Almost every year in June, Beijing puts on some weird forms of beer festivals. (Read a little here.)  Selected microbreweries from the mainland China, as well as any international craft brews that more likely smuggled in, are welcomed alongside anything else that is not in glass bottles or Hilter-tized by Carl the Cunt head honcho of Great Leap Brewery.  What a Dick! This man forms beer with sugar and Beijing TAP water! Not a talent.


Everyone knows water is important, but if you cover it with sugar and minimal amounts of oats and other ingredients… Not a bad of a drink that is if one likes water with their sugar. Well, you got those new-aged proud LGBT supporting foreigners looking to puke for a good time satisfied. So that sums it up primarily.

Well done sir! You are a genius.


Michael Jordan Slam Dunks the operations at Boxing Cat Brew based in Shanghai, China which has now been sold to whoever runs Budweiser, China. BCB has launched a venue in Beijing and other cities throughout China.!  CANT WAIT! Finally some good craft brew beer in Beijing. Seriously a wise decision for the BCB team.

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Michael Jordan on CNN. Great guy!


“Dave Bob” Gasper is the man! His calm to fame runs off THE brick bar after it was sold to the now Chinese owner, and being the Chinese man that “owns something” says it all in the title where “working” was left to the illegal immigrant.

Yes! Foreigners move to China, like the ones that immigrant to your country and do everything illegal as they can to stay. Yes, there are loopholes.  So these type of people are semi-interesting to listen too but start to become intangible words entering my head when they start expression their opinion and matter consisting of rules and regulations of any country.

“Fine for others, as long as it’s not me.” is their motto.

In the long run, do these people need to be mentioned in one of my session. Sure!

The owners were wise in the Chinese way and allowed Dave Bob to work illegally to build the millennial scene and get the place bouncing harder than ever before. After some two years, Dave moved up, to an ever more sold out American concept which becomes a Chinese shit run joint with horrible service that left Dave running in circles creating excuses and handing out free beer. Home Plate BBQ service sucks Period.  Dave finally lucked out with those nice “socialize skills” and was turned into satans child and lead to Taiwan to sell drugs created by Alltech.

A Pusherman!

Crafty in the arts of sales, Sucking Satan’s Cock University. This guy is the GURU of sales and bullshit talk.

~SMooTH OperatoR!~

Both of these guys are great, good people. If one ever makes the time to hang out on the east side of the world, make sure to find these guys! Loads of fun, and booze.!

 Dave Bob in The Beijinger

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