Mars Bluff Nuke Bomb Site , Mars Bluff SC: 11/27/2016


You may not know this, and it’s possible this day and time to form all kinds of conspiracy.!,  (cough cough 9/11) but back in the day in 1958 when America was trying to instigate Russia into a nuclear war. THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT flew a B-47 out of Savannah, GA on a Snow Ball mission and had dropped a nuke bomb in South Carolina that they called an Accident on the pilot, paid up on the money to the injured, and kept it kinda quiet. I like that in a Government. That getherdone kind of attitude.

I just had to go here and have a look to wonder how my world would have been different, my family, had that bomb actually donated to its potential. ‘Fortunately, the fissile nuclear core was stored elsewhere on the aircraft‘. Interesting to think about big bombs, what good are they and how it will forever be apart of humanity. So get the fuck out there and see if you can buy one! I want one.  Turn that punk into a flower pot!


I won’t go much into the details cause Wiki (I donated 20 bucks today) lays out the detailed information about the incident so well.

1958 Mars Bluff B-47 nuclear weapon loss incidentfullsizeoutput_1057 My bro into the pic. Just to size up that hole in the ground.

Check out the shop for a collector’s piece or your next weekend adventure.!


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