Letter of Reference from Andrew McCall for Earth Ship Biotecture Academy

An individual that has been a faithful customer and a dear friend of my establishments in Beijing, China.

Thank you, Andrew.

December 20 the 2015

Earthship Biotecture Academy

P.O. Box 373

El Prado, New Mexico 87529

RE: 2016 Earthship Academy Application,

Letter of recommendation for Ryan “Brick” O’Neal Johnston

Coordinator of Admissions:

I have traveled to China on a monthly basis over the past three years and am thankful that I met

Ryan O’Neal Johnston on my second day in China. I have since relocated to China and visited with Ryan on a

a monthly basis for the past two years with rarely a failed monthly rendezvous. When asked for this

letter of recommendation to the Earthship Academy, I was both pleased and surprised at the

request, as it seems a natural fit for Mr. Johnston’s talents.

As a commercial real estate banker and entrepreneur, I have had the fortune to have access to

nearly any venue in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen China. Across these three named cities, there

are nearly 90 million people and all of the venues needed to accommodate every walk of life. That

said, Mr. O’neal is unique amongst them, both personally and professionally.

I have been privileged to see Ryan successfully exit a business and move into a new business that

incorporated his passions. These include working with his hands to express his creativity, engaging

with people, providing ultra high-quality niche product, and educating his consumers and guests.

I then witnessed the sale of that aforementioned business and the start of another successful retail

and beverage venue, The Trouble Bar. This venue focused all of the lessons Ryan had learned over

his many years in China. Unsurprising to me, the venue was instantly popular and by all measures

successful. While his skills and passions for this pursuit made everything look easy, month by

month, I saw him express the ideas that he alone had developed over the years. This is why he was

always a part of my monthly visit to Beijing.

In summary, that is the development of two business in three years that culminated in a successful

sale and transition to a buyer……all after the successful sale of a business I had not experienced

directly. Impressive by any measure.

This all fails to mention the uniqueness of Mr. Johnston’s character. Making your way in business is

difficult enough; doing it alone in China requires a whole other level of commitment to your vision.

I have learned a lot from Ryan Johnston, and so did all of the other patrons of The Trouble Bar.

For your consideration, Mr. Johnston will be a strong member of any team provided significant

challenges are available for him to conquer. I believe that Mr. Johnston will be successful in all of his

life’s pursuits. Failing to admit him to your program will be an opportunity missed for the Earthship

Biotecture Academy.

With Regards,

Andrew McCall

President, USFC China

US Freedom Capital 5851 Legacy Circle, Suite 600 Plano, Texas 75024 USA

Room 507 Datong Bldg. No.369 Fuxing Zhong Road Shanghai PRC

Tel +1(888) 519-8331 www.USFreedomCap.com



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