Letter from Marty Puccio: DC# 963022: 9-13-04

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Ryan,                                                                                                              9-13-04

What’s happing bro? How have you been? I pray that all is well with you and you’re doing fine.

Thanks for your letter. It was good to hear from you again.

I’m glad to hear that you’re moving to Colorado to do what you enjoy. Solomon said you as well enjoy what you can in this life while you can. Of course, if your heart isn’t right with God this life is the closest thing to heave you’ll ever see. I’m not saying that scornfully. I just couldn’t say one thing without the other. A balance is always needed.

I did snowboard for a few months when I lived in upstate New York. I had a plastic board thought. It really was a piece of garbage> It really didn’t catch the rails to well when going down the mountain. I’d probably get hurt now if I tried to do what I used to do. I used to go to the golf course that had some hills and just play around. I tried to make a half-pipe but it wasn’t much. I could only get about a foot of air off it. I was really good on a half-pipe skateboarding, so I would have blazed on snowboards half-pipe.
It’s a cross between surfing and skateboarding. It’s a sport all it’s own at the same time though.

Well, I have a good appeal in the courts that looks promising. I’m hoping they don’t drag it out to make it take a few years. I really believe it will get me a new trial. I’ll be praying on that.

I do still get a lot of pen pals. It’s mostly girls that write and a lot of them will send their pictures. One girl is a model. She’s very fine and I like her personality also. She seems like someone I can enjoy hanging out with. I don’t know if anything will come of it, but I’ll wait for some signs to proceed further to the next level. I’ve let her know for the most part that I’m interested. I don’t know if that is a mistake or not though. You know how girls like you until they think you like them. Then it’s over.

I’ve been interested in other girls that have written in the past, but not as much as this girl. Of course, I can’t really let myself get too preoccupied with her because that will just drive me crazy.

Well, I’ll wrap this up for now. May God bless you always with his grace, love, and knowledge of Him.

Take care


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