Laura Rountree: Chef of The Table: Louisville, KY

Chef Laure has now become supreme in the culinary world by appearing on the Food Network

Diner, Drive-in, & Dives

I have had the honors of watching this woman grow and work her way up the ranks in a few kitchen that balls meant more than cooking skills. Which I have felt has placed her in a wonderful position on the road to continues improve. Moving from The Brown, onwards to The Table, which is not only ‘another’ cool eatery in Lousiville, but a minimal atmospheric restaurant that has an interesting behind the scenes concept for helping the local community while keeping the food prices fair for all to enjoy.

Laura and I got some history. Some twenty years during my romping around Louis-hell!! Long days leading to nights playing in the park with fake friends, getting piss drunk in the dumps of Midtown Louisville, getting dragged into the pits of the Mag Bar on 3rd late in the nights, and even paid cash money to see this stand up comedian cunt named Dave Chappelle! Whos whinny ass 10-minute fame to shame stage performance could almost live up to the man Michael Richards himself!


  Everyone needs a good gut laugh now and then!

 Laura also took the time to come visit me in Beijing, China back in 2009 during her time hanging out in Japan living it up on beef and Brazilians

Great times and memories were created with this girl! Some even too juicy to even share during pillow talk! We would work mad hours in the heat over the deep fish fryings at the Irish Rover. What a shit hole. Hangouts for dinner at her parents home, and just simply smoking down with everyone for the cause. There was always a cause.

You should let this girl tell you the story of how I ‘Fish Hooked’ this guy talking shit in the kitchen at the Rover one day! 


Love this girl and happy to see life is working well for her. Goals can be achieved with the right mindset no matter what direction life too one. img_0663

Three Cheers!!

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