Kane Creek Road Rock Art Sites April 25, 2016

So this one was a given in the travels.  Not much other than 5.3 miles off the good ol Utah Scenic Byway 279 Rock Art Sites brings one to Kane Creek Road Rock Art Sites. Since I was a child, I have always wanted to travel out and see these and the cliff dwellings down in Mesa Verde (upcoming story).When I finally made my way out to these parts of America, it was a must, especially this one…. Cause ever since I saw it appear on the Ancient Aliens series with that brownish reddish host dude who had the crazy brown hair that seemed a cow just licked it, and he was going all off about the magical circular wheel drawing that had to be a fucken spaceship! Hand to be a spaceship.!

Jesus someone give him a mother to take care of his hair!

I just had to go out and see this with my own eyes!  What’s so special about that damn perfectly drawn pie graph.

Those silly ol smoked up engines paintin on rocks with sticks, and their hands, and shit! What were they thinkin back then youonder .? The Moab, Utah petroglyphs date as far back as 3500 BC and were created by Paleo-Indian, ancestral Puebloan, and Ute artists. I’ll let Alltrips Moab Utah do the explaining.

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