Hops Magazine: Trouble Bar


This is just a little show from Hops Magazine # 16 of Trouble Bar published May 26, 2014.

 Hops Magazine 

Page 16

HOPS magazine had to be the worst publication out there trying to get ahead of the game when it came to the


of China. They fucked up so badly on the 2-page OPENING review of THE drive-thru that I refuse to even give them any mention on that. Though maybe I will dig it up just to prove my point

I am an amateur at everything I do, but I at least have the sense of being professional when I do it. I do my homework, double check, and constantly look at how to improve it.

These folks were horrible and it really doesn’t help much that everyone was fucking everyone in or from The Beijinger. This Chengxi (Tracy)Wang thing didn’t help and with my personal knowledge of ‘behind the scenes’… May have been the cause, the demise of HOPS magazine


Chinese folks cheating, leaving the company, taking all contacts and information to form their OWN publication on the same subjects…with the same stupid people. Double standards all around in constant repeat. The icing on the cake, the top of all toppers, the kick in the shin. It’s cheaper to hiring NONE ENGLISH SPEAKING individuals to do the editorial work than a legal/illegal foreigner.

Thank god for the numerous Chinese computer apps and the likes of  Grammarly!

I’m not perfect! I make mistakes all the time in my writings! It takes me days, weeks to find all the misspellings or error for I have better things to do in life than being trapped behind the screen all day! But I try my best each and every time to make sure my shit is in check. Not the way here in China, even amongst the immigrant foreigners. The sins of man are far worse here in China then our Western taught ideology neighbors or…


come from.

The amount of illegal Americans & Brits who choose to remain in China is crazy! Bitchin about Trump and the Chinese government all day long hiding behind a glass of Beijing flavored tap water, but refuse to go home and be anything more for their country or themselves.

Can’t stand those fake humans.


Seems I just answered my own bitching. Beggers can’t be choosy when dipping out of the bottom of the blogger pot here in Beijing!

A sad state with no thanks to the like of The Beijinger.

With that all being said, now don’t get me wrong. There are exceptions.


Here’s what they had to say. (unedited)




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