GWAR: The Masquerade: Atlanta, Ga: December 3, 2017

I’ve been debating with myself all day.

Does GWAR need an introduction… Story or body to the story.  You know a filler. Do they need arise, a climax, a fall? Do they need any form of information other than …..


and now may I present you my version of

All night long. Bloody Piss!

The crowd loved getting pissed on!

I do have to admit. I never blatantly laughed out loud so hard in public before in my life.

I never ever been pissed on before in my life. !

If you are not aware of who GWAR is. You should take it upon yourself to read some info. GWAR has been around some 20 years & has been up and down the scale of artistic value. Bankruptcy for entertainment. One has to always love GWAR for the performance first and then their music second. But maybe I was stoned! I was introduced to THIS TOLIET EARTH back in the 1994 days and always followed them from a distance. Now that I am older and more knowledgeable of life, I fit right in.  We caught GWAR on their The Blood of Gods Tour, so there was plenty of blood!  I can never forget the song

If you want Blood

There was so much piss in my blood!! Piss & blood on the walls. Piss & blood on the telly. Piss & blood on the lights. With all this piss and blood in my mouth, I was only left to wonder if this was the


I grew up with.!



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