GodSpeed You Black Emperor @ Tango: Beijing, China: April 13, 2013

Un fucken believable.  Of all bands to magically appear on the China mainland.  Fucken GodSpeed You Black Emperor came forth on the stage at Tango Beijing, China. ( of all places )  They performed a one hour sold non-stop musical of their oldies but goodies clumped together in a masterpiece that was a dream come true.  To truly see these assholes on stage, these assholes that are known as GODSPEED was a dream come true.

Check them out LIVE on YOUTUBE!

This is a photo of the band ignoring me as I appeared on stage to extend my hand to thank them for their travels to Beijing, China.

While hanging out with a few of them in the backstage dressing room. One even had the balls to tell me to stop smoking pot…….. Fucken deranged Canadians.

Godspeed, on stage after the performance. Club / Music House TANGO: Beijing, China.

That’s the night that I fell deeper in love with my wife Prima, and the night that I got hell-bent and sick sick sick drunk on fake booze!!




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