Getting nailed in GAO, India: Christmas 2010


As some of you may know; journies can be a long and daunting when in search of that “spiritual” inspiration. Nights are long and black, the packs start to get heavy, goats begin to wear sweaters, humans travel from all corners of the hood just to jumping out in front of you to make sure you see them. It becomes a burden. It’s easy to get lost throughout all the mass confession of stories that are being constructed right then and there. My time in India was nothing short of that Dave Matthews Incredible India Commercial and by all means, it exceeded it a hundredfold.  I just added all the enhancements and enchantments that are sold throughout each city, each bodega, each alley, and got lifted to that higher plan.

Let’s jump into this before my short-term memory begins to kick in and I forget the reason why I am sitting in front of the keyboard reminiscing about when the last time I smoked

Somehow we made our way into the city of New Delhi. Just finishing up the grand tours of the Taj Mahal and Red Fort Complex while mastering the intake volume of our newly found pill past time. Amazing stuff those little white pharmaceutical of fun.  I am thankful for being a typical tourist on this journey with a camera in hand or the memory would have faded shortly after the trip was completed.!  This was the best “walkabout” growing up journey I have ever encountered, and I encourage everyone to do several “walkabout” trips throughout the development of one’s life.

Chris mentioned during these times that we had to make it over to GAO  for some beach time. I mean, India homes one of the longest beaches in the world. Give or take.

I told him to lead the way. Money was spent, planes were boarded, and off to the beach, we went.  Where we were going to land I had no idea, and even though Chris made the reservation, I doubt he knew where we were going to end up!

As we landed at the airport somewhere near GAO some three hours later, this none local local dude approaches us and asked: “where you are guys heading too?”

” We don’t know, any suggestion?” 

dude: ” yeah, I’m heading to my home area on the beach if you guys want to split the taxi?”

I looked at Chris, Chris just smiled.

” Sounds like a plan to me bro, set it up!”

What seemed like hours later, we arrived at a little beach village in the Northern part of South Gao! Where, I truly cannot find it, but it has to be one listed on this GAO BEACH LIST.

We spent the day walking around getting the sense of what’s going on in the neighborhood, raced down a few doses with expensive cheap cold beer, and prepared for a day of relaxing on the beach.

As one could imagine a beach in East India would look like.

Our five-star hostel facility. Which actually was the best. Service and all.


Chill time with a book, chai, and blunts was allowed.

It has to be that I am getting old. I wanted to chill and relax and not be too adventurous. Maybe I speak from travel experience from the past. Where exploring the area. Rocks, bushes, cliffs and such was not of the best interest. But there was Chris, and I am thankful for his photos!

There is always something behind the scenes.

I know too much.

The time came and it was once again to resupply. We had standards while in India, and we didn’t want to let ourselves down. We left our hostel on the beach and headed into town on the search. Standard local tourist street market about with everything one could imagine. Spices, booze, clothing, the works. Chris decided it was time for him to hit the bars. Booze was calling. I made up my mind that I was going to get a tattoo. Something that would keep the memory. Something that would express my spirit, my journey during this time in my life.

Chris walked on in search of his time machine as I stopped. It seemed like an eternity of standing there, looking around for a bit trying to find the meaning of life when I looked down on the ground for it felt that I dropped some money, and there it was. A nail! The nail! I found a nail! It hit me.  I was to get this nail as a tattoo!

OOOOHHH how I wish I took photos of all this. Somehow I did manage to get a photo of the inker dude I choose who doubles as a sewing machine operator on the downtime. I took the nail and myself up to this guy and said to him.

“put this nail on me!”

dude: “this nail”

he took it from my hand.

dude: ” this nail”


dude:”that will be a bunch of money!”

since I was a fucked up tourist.

“that will be ok bro, just put it on me.”

I can’t really say that I remember what took place the days following, but I can say from the picture, that during those moments as I was boarded a plane I manage to get a photo with Santa Clause and sure enough, I had a red nail on my leg. It must have been Christmas time.

I was on my own journey during this trip.

From that day forward, let it be known that this NAIL has been the subject of many a conversation around the world, and for better or worse; the best rendition of what I presented to the tattooer.  It will never be covered it up. It’s my testimony to everyone that I am sound. That I am nailed down to reality. That I am sold as a Brick. That I know what, who I am, and what’s my purpose, my meaning for my existence during this time on Earth.

Stay Classy!




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