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It all started when I was sitting on the sofa in Louisville, KY watching adult swim on my Sony Trinitron when this crazy, jazzy, fast action trailer for a cartoon show flashed across the screen!  There was something about it! Something that was musical.

That time in my life cartoons was present. I did Ghost in the Shell, Tom & Jerry, Thundercats, though I presume I didn’t get enough during my childhood that then I was still in the mood of discovering Japanimation cartoon. Previous expeditions for such videos were to slip back in the “adult room” at the local video rental stores. La Blue Girl was a mistake my mother wish she never rented… But hey..!!!  It’s all cartoon and coloring books at that age.

adult swim was one of the last creative hours on network tv to fall. MTV or MTV 1 I believe it is called now, helped produce some amazing cartoons back in the day. THE HEAD, THE MAXX, AEON FLUX.  Those sneak up late night hours during my early years of high school produced some crazy stories with peers the next day at lunch time.  ” did you see when that alien burst out of his forehead…”  Classics!!!

Bravo to those shows for hanging in there as long as they did before noise making politically correct bullshit started their takeover.  Not even going give titles of the cartoon shit they have produced since those epic times. I have lost my way of the cartoon after Cowboy Bebop. Which gives me the honor to forever be a fan.


When Cowboy Bebop hit the American airways, it was already 3 years old. I was in culinary school living the life on Frankfort Ave, and sitting on the sofa with a girl with a fat ol ass flipping through the telly. Her ass was like an Onion. It would bring tears to a brother’s eyes.


Lights, camera, music,  and then the action begins. I was hooked immediately. The introduction theme song brought my well-tuned ear a tone I have never related before to visuals projected by the show on the tube. I perked up and paid attention and could never forget how the sessions of a one-off series gave a new mature outlook to cartoons.  Surpassing my general idea of Japanese made coloring flip books of perversion and American noise making piles of shit.  Where’s the love for violence!


So now the tat!

Back in 2009 when I was building  THE brick bar, I gathered quite a few new friends. My India/Nepal travel buddy suggested that we go to a dude he knew that could do some ink.  Taxi ride about 30 minutes to the east side of 4th ring road Beijing to an area where the government was tearing down a block in preparation for new development, and there in the middle of that block near the cross street walk bridge sit a little group of buildings. Maybe 3-4 doorways present, and stuck in the middle of that group of doors was sign. (fill in the blank) -TATTOO- was established. Without any hesitation, we exited the taxi and proceeded into this guys home/shop. There I present my idea, flipped and enlarge to scale. He printed it out. We went to the tiny back room with a barber chair and like a professional TATTOOER, not an artist, he performed his task without flaw.

Thanks, Chinese dude!

101 Facts of Cowboy Bebop

Yes, I went to the cinema and watched the movie.

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