Death From Above 1979 @ Williamsburg Waterfront: Brooklyn, NY: July 22, 2011


Death from above 1979

Love this band! First off.!  Second…..  I LOVE THIS BAND! I was introduced to the mad bass riffs and abrasive drum beats by a gay dude sitting on the sofa of my weed dealers home one day way-way- way back in the day in Louisville, Ky. Had to be something like 2007.  I believe I was in the Lou-Vagas for a short visit during those time while I was residing out in Colorado.I can never sit still.

Seems that I can never escape that place. Louisville, Ky.  Though not complaining. Each time I return it seems to improve 5 fold over most of the other cities in America to date.

We were high, hitting this thing called the Volcano Vaporizers when the dude leaned up off the sofa and asked ” have you ever heard of this band called  Death from above?” before there was an answer, he was up like Flash, floated toward the cd player,  pulled the CD case out of his back pocket and slapped it in the player without any hesitation or permission. GREAT!

From that day on I was hooked! It had the speed, the screams, the rifts, the sounds that made me want to bike, drive, run madly into the next adventure across town. Those damn 2 man bands from Canada do it for me.  I have no idea why, what, or how.  But I love me a good Canadian duo.  King Khan & the BBQ Show, The Pack A.D, and so much more.

Thank you you little Volcano of magic!

So during my 6 months travel in the United States while visiting NYC back in 2011, I was lucky to find that DFA1979 would be playing in Brooklyn. !  Fucken awesome!  I was not going to miss this chance to sit out near the bay, enjoying the weather, and listing to one of the best bands playing their first ever concert tour at Williamsburg Waterfront. For what sets this band apart from the others is that they broke up, give or take, after their first full-length album, You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine, which was released in late 2004 on Last Gang Records. The band broke up in 2006 and to see them reunite some 10 years later to tour that album was pure madness for us followers.

Playlist for that night. absolutely amazing show.  Cracked voice and all ..  Will go see these guys again for sure.

Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan for the photos!

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