Danzig @ Ogben Theater: Denver, CO: March 15, 2005

I’m just behind the dude with the gaping mouth!


**photo courtesy of someone else!

Danzig brought me into music. Songs like melodrama Sistinas helped to developed that ear for tone, pitch, climax! It all started when I cheated at a game of poker, cheated at a game of poker with a guy who owned a crazy eye, wore a thick leather jacket, and smoked cigs. Loved metal.  All back in the day when we were at the age of bicycles.  Thundering 13! Not fucken 12 anymore.  Fuck a pre-teen! And during that card game, when his eye wasn’t looking, I switched cards and won myself a nice Danzig 3 How the Gods Kill box set. Which I presume I have today somewhere in storage.

Miss that guy, wherever he is. Travis (fill in the blank).  My gateway to metal. Thank you for not looking.

Thereafter, with the help of the new devices called ‘CD players’, the soft sounds of Glen’s powerhouse voice would echo throughout my parent’s basement, and I knew there was something to Danzig…. when it would enrage the parental adversaries that lived upstairs at the time, which would result in one making their way down the steps to engage in a two syllable conversation, beginning with my name and a point of the finger!

Getting to see Glen live on stage was a treat for me. Given rise to my ignorance when he performed ‘SKULLS‘ from his previous band MISFITS.  Great shit, great show!


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