Container Home Design in the Lowcountry, South Carolina

Container Home Design in the Lowcountry, South Carolina

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I, me, Brick O’Neal®… have always been interested in shipping container homes.  I’ve always dug the small tiny niche spaces I’ve learned to live in during my worldly travels.

Only in America are the homes so big! That is if one can afford to live at that level. Real or credit!

Shipping container seems to always do it for me no matter what the layout format used. So in November 2015, upon my return to America, I took it upon myself to start several projects which would not only give myself a place to reside while on the East Coast of USA but also advance my skills & knowledge of design, carpentry, farming, etc of being an adult. My time playing in city boy is not what it was all cracked up to be no matter how many cunts express in on Facebook. Big city life is not for me

Not this century.

It all started off back in 2007 when I manage to acquire a small parcel of land. Which at that time already housed three – forty plus-year-old wooden structures.  It was a tedious task to remove each structure wood piece by wood piece for I enjoyed finding various ways to reuse them in the creation of this project.  The main wood roof structure is a large sixty by forty A-frame roof pole barn complex.  This structure has played a very important roll in maintaining my progress. It gave me shielding from the elements. It keeps me cool in the summer and maintains the heat in the winter. For this weird desert like living condition of the low country coastal areas of southern South Carolina; which are accompanied by the winter-spring monsoon seasons.

At one point in time, a nineteen-seventy mobile home sat in the way of my newly prepared plans, and after doing a bit of homework… I then concluded on what to do with it that met state requirements.

I had the neighbors come haul it off with a tractor to their deer camp! ha! 

First, it was interesting to find out that prefab mobile homes are a shitty one-way product ever to be produced and sold in America.

No recycling programs, no EPA, not a damn thing involving the proper disposal of these units. Probably why we see so many stretched out our great land left abanded and or should have been years ago. There is nothing out there in the rule and regulations in the industry of America that states how to properly dispose of them. I mean there is a time that those eyesores become even bigger of a neighborhood problem when people have no choice but to abandon them on the property where they were installed. Nothing out there developed by AMERICAN humans specifies in any ways to recycles those horrible ugly manufactured homes.

Once they reach a certain age on a parcel of land, the must remain there FOREVER!

I so happened to know a few good ol farming buddies that needed some form of housing/shelter for their deer hunting property.  They came in with their giant John Deere tractor and made haste across the tracks with the home in broad daylight like a gangster they are.

Lucky for me, my project can now begin.  

I did a bit of homework, and after some time I made the decision to purchase two twelve-year-old twenty-foot containers shipped in from the nearest port. Port Royal near Savannah, GA. Thought being at that age, I was surprised at how good the conditions were, but also surprised how much work was needed to be done to get it at a level which was tolerable.  The best part was, that it fit my budget at the time.

The moment they arrived, I understood the value in purchasing a higher quality, (one way), newer model container. Though I’m in it for something to do, something to occupy my time for a couple of years while waiting for the rest of the world to rot away.  Though when it comes down to the bottom line of price, and labor hours in a business way of thinking,

Money vs Time!


A 12-year-old container is way out of the question.

I banged out the walls, pushed back the ceilings, ground out the rust. Spread the inside with primer. I then cut my windows & doors which then lead to painted the outside with a bio-degradable water based container paint. The first month was nothing but prep-work. A lot of time was invested before the framing could begin. Thos, giving value purchasing a”new” one-way container to save overall time.

Woodwork! That’s another interesting story for I’m using new cuts as well as recycling lumber from a barn that dates back over one hundred years. At some point in time, the ghost town I’m building in was a hustling bustling whistle train stop. Steam locomotives made the stop at the watershed for a fill-up and rest.

Once again at that moment, I understood the value of purchasing a higher quality, fresh cut lumber vs the curved over dated wood.  Though it just fits well into my crooked container.  My walls are bowed, my shelves are not straight, even tho everything is level, it just has that lovely characteristic charm about it for this part of the world.

Be that as it may,  as I am near completion of my home, it’s personality is beginning to develop and take shape. Thanks to my wife who did most of the finishing woodwork. Creative!

And I like it!

Plenty of trial and error went into the making of this home.  Not to worry… Other than my ego, and a few cuts in the skin. No containers were harmed in the making of this home.

I am no carpenter, I am

Brick O’Neal®

and I just do it!

~ ~ ~~

I choose to build a separate bathroom facility for I do not like the close proximity of having a toilet inside the container structure itself. Those give rise to a nice clean roomy WC, wash closet, area with plenty of natural lighting.

~I was able to pick up most of my supplies, such as doors, windows, sinks, etc at the local

Habitat for Humanity ReStore | Discounted Home Products‎

Check out the link provided for a location near you!  This place will save you THOUSANDS on discarded products. Most are gently recycled and or new unwanted material.


**More pics to come**


Beebop Farm™ is now on the verge of completion. The shipping containers homes layout is ready to enjoy

Now waiting for that beautiful spring day to update the photos. We will update with a live video on YouTube soon

Thanks for reading and make your reservations today!.


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