Busy P @ Tango: Beijing, China: January 28, 2010

It just so happened that the man behind the scenes of superior acts such as Daft Punk and the sorts came to Beijing, China and performed a bouncing 1-hour DJ set with all the beats that we are all familiar with. Ed Banger / Busy P   the man! Brought it to Star Live, and brought it hard.  Sadly, during these times. iPhones were scares, so photos of events are lacking. Though there is a photo on P1CN of me wearing this shirt, THE brick, getting it signed by Busy P, and Merci! If anyone can find it! Will give you a dollar! Holler!fullsizeoutput_ef3

What a great night.  Back in my younger days when I could still dance the night away without the help of beer!

Here is a teaser on YOUTUBE that someone had the courage to upload of that night!


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