BULLY a film by Larry Clark the director of “KIDS”.



One should take the time to do some quick homework and read up on

   The Murder of Bobby Kent

Then head on over to watch the Bully Trailer

Once that is all finished, go catch up on all the gossip found on WAKADO!

I know that I must have watched this movie before making any action in contacting Marty. Only doing a bit of homework lead me to find out that it close to Marty’s birthday, March 21. I took it upon myself to rush down to the local Walgreens mart on the corner of Frankfort & Barrett, and pick him out a card.

For some reason, the Pickle shaped B-day card screamed out at me.

I then took it around at my university to have various related friends of the moment to sign it.  That seems to have brought some attention to Marty. Probably the quote that was written inside about

being in a pickle on your birthday is blah blah blah

Thos sparked a few letters between us over about 2-3 years.  I’ve never been much of a writer, a penpal forsay, too busy creating stories vs imagining them, but none the less was happy that we exchange a few letters from time to time.

I recently wrote a letter to Marty earlier 2016 and again in 2017 for Christmas.  No response. Most of the time, the letters get returned due to some issues. Tho it looks like this year made it through!

Fingers crossed!

  Looks like I’ll have to try again with a different address.  I am curious about him these days.

This post to dedicated to the moments in life


 Martin Joseph Puccio Jr.


I have posted the envelopes, handwritten materials in typed that I received from Marty.  My only hindsight is that I had copies of the letters and cards that I have written to him.  Just wasn’t that digital back in those days.

Marty Puccio 



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